Tom Cruise really creeped me out in 2005. Between couch-jumping on Oprah and the berating of women who medicate for post-partum depression (and don’t even get me started on his impregnated fiancee – the one who said she was saving herself for marriage – puh-lease!), he really got on my “Ick List”. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I tried to watch Jerry Maguire while working out on the exercise bike tonight. I had to mute it. Then I had to turn it off. The man just bugs me.

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  1. I really have to agree with you. I have absolutely no respect for that man since his comments on post partum depression. Being a new mom who is suffering from this horrible illness, who is he to say it’s not a real illness. I can’t wait until his little Katie has her baby and goes thru it, then we’ll see what his comments will be.

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