Secrets, Schmecrets

I don’t like secrets. Well, I take that back – I like keeping secrets but I don’t like when others are keeping secrets from me. Hypocritical? Quite possibly. Do I care? No, I’m a proud hypocrite! What has got me thinking about secrets is that I got a “Save-The-Date” card for M’s wedding yesterday. Of course, Hubby and I are going. Even if I wasn’t in the wedding, I would still go, because M is just one of those people we both adore (which means quite a bit, because to be honest, Hubby doesn’t like all of my friends – fair enough, because I don’t like a lot of his!) and I wouldn’t miss this event for the world.

I held this card in my hand and I started thinking about the wedding, and it started bugging me that I have no idea what her wedding dress looks like. She’s keeping it a secret and seeing as how I don’t do well with secrets, now I am so insanely curious about what kind of dress she picked out. It will be gorgeous, no doubt, and it will be the kind of dress that when we look at her in the dress, we’ll know that it was the perfect dress, and that no other dress would have done justice. But… What does it look like?!

I have to be fair here, because really, I am obnoxious about secrets. Through both of my pregnancies, Hubby and I wouldn’t tell anyone the name we had picked for the baby. To make it fun, we gave some people clues, but so few people guessed, and even fewer guessed correctly (oddly enough, both times, my coworkers guessed correctly and were the only ones who knew prior to each baby’s arrival what her name would be). My dad, in particular, was really frustrated with the secrecy (hmmm – where do I get it from?!), and would call and send emails saying, “You can tell me – I won’t tell anyone else!”.

But, I kept my lips zipped. On the day The Princess was born, and the day Pumpkin was born, most people heard the chosen names for the first time. And it was a surprise.

That was fun for me. And only me. When others have secrets though? Not so much fun (for me). So… M, if you’re reading this, can you cut me a break and just email me a picture of your dress? I won’t show anyone else – I promise!

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