Random Wednesday Things…

Random Thingy #1
A health conscious family, we eat boneless, skinless chicken breasts for dinner fairly frequently. Yesterday, when I brought The Princess home from school, she stopped at the kitchen door and started sniffing. “Mom,” she said, “it smells like chicken breath in here.”
Random Thingy #2
Tonight, I was watching “The Biggest Loser – Special Edition”. They were featuring engaged couples that were overweight. While I was watching, I was scrapbooking (I have finished three pages total now) and eating a bowl of Special K. I stopped and thought to myself, “Is it ironic that I am always eating when this show is on?” It’s true. Every time I watch “The Biggest Loser” I am eating. Maybe it’s sympathy for the folks on the show, who are stuck eating nothing but broccoli?
Speaking of that show, though, I would love to have one workout with their trainers – Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels. Hubby likes Jillian because she reminds him more of a drill sergeant (“Oh, and she’s hot, too!” he added, after the fact – when he was too far away for me to smack him). I like Bob, of course, because he’s mushy and sweet and seems to really care about the people (but his team almost never wins, which shows, probably, that boot camp beats the “buddy” system).
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  1. Happy National Delurking week.
    Just wanted you to know a total stranger is enjoying reading about your life (hope that’s not as creepy as it sounds).
    I also have young children so I can relate! It’s great to know someone else is making it through.

  2. Love the “chicken breath” comment from the little one.

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