May I Please Have Some Water?

This morning, The Princess had an appointment to get her hair cut (“Not ALL of them, mom, only SOME of them!”) at 10:30, followed by my joyous eyebrow wax appointment. Trying to get the girls ready to get out of the house, I turned on the kitchen faucet to wash my hands, only to have the water spit out into the sink in short spurts, little blasts of water. And then… Nothing. No water. Yikes.

I called Hubby at work to see if he had seen a notice from the Village Department of Public Works about any planned outage – he had seen none (yes, we live in what is technically a “village”). So, I called them. Mind you, I am the most non-confrontational person in the world (read: I’m a big wuss-baby who doesn’t like people to be mad at me), so I’m usually not one to complain or be nasty. However, I have two small kids in this house, and no freaking water! I dialed and listened to the phone ring several times before getting voice mail, to which I left this message:

“I can only hope that because you aren’t answering the phone you are out FIXING THE WATER!”

I went on, but, that was the gist of it. I realized quickly though, we had to get out of the house. Inevitably, with two small children, someone (The Princess, of course) will want a cup of water, or need to use the toilet (and I had no idea if the outage would affect flushing, and who wants to find that out the hard way?), or (germ fest alert) wash our hands! I quick gathered our stuff, hopped in the car, and went to our appointment. That went much faster than planned, and we had about an hour to kill before meeting Hubby for lunch, so we drove aimlessly towards the “big city” where I saw probably the most beautiful three words in the English language: Starbucks and drive-thru. (Is drive-thru two words, or only one because of the hyphen? Ah well, it’s two today).

I swung thru the drive-thru, got my grande cappuccino (amen!) and drove around some more, singing along to the Backyardigans cd with The Princess while Pumpkin snoozed in her car seat. We ended up meeting Hubby early for lunch, and (lucky for the village) by the time we got home, they had repaired what was apparently a water main break, and our water was fully functional. Flushing capacity restored, we were able to spend the rest of the afternoon, blissfully hanging out doing NOTHING.

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  1. The Backyardigans are my favorite. Glad your water is back. Drive-thru Starbucks led to an additional 10 lbs on my rear end during the past couple months.

  2. Riding the range, riding the range, riding the range…the Backyardigans rock! We TIVO them!

    I think one of the worst sounds in the world is that cough, bam, sputter the sink makes when it’s trying to hack water up and there’s none coming out…especially in the winter! If there’s anything that can make a mom panic, that’s it!

    Now I’m going to tell you something that will really shock you. Our town is so small we only have Starbucks on the GROCERY shelf. It isn’t the same! It’s good for me though. I have a hard enough time staying away from the instant stuff.

  3. Oh we don’t have a Starbucks in my “village” – I have to drive about 20 minutes to get there… There’s supposed to be one coming in February to a town 5 miles north. Can’t wait!

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