A Long December

A long December and there’s reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last

Happy New Year… Of course, I couldn’t manage to stay up to watch the ball drop, midnight being so very much past my bedtime, but I wanted to post today with my highlights of 2005, and my hopes for 2006.

I don’t believe in resolutions – mainly because I believe that most anything worth doing is worth starting right away. If I want to start eating healthier, I do it when the spirit moves me, and not when I turn the page on a calendar. I used to make resolutions that really had nothing to do with improving myself or making a difference in my life. They were things like, “Leave the state of Michigan at least once this year” or “Get into the habit of writing the new year on checks within the first two weeks of the month”. Not especially inspiring or thought provoking. Such is life.

2005 was a great year for me, with many incredible moments for me and my family and friends. It was also a year that went by much too fast (despite the Counting Crows quote at the top about a long December – I just love that song, particularly at this time of year).

2005 Highlights:
1. The birth of my little Pumpkin five months ago. What a joy – obviously, this was the most earth-shaking part of my year.
2. Telling The Princess about the pregnancy, and sharing the excitement with her – she was so impatient… Her excitement was contagious – hard to take at times, but, still so fun.
3. The 3D ultrasound where we found out we were having a girl – I had had an earlier ultrasound where the tech was “reasonably” sure it was a girl… but I needed more certainty. At the 3D ultrasound, the technician told me, “This is definitely another little princess!”
4. Celebrating five years of marriage with Hubby. He so rocks my world – he is so kind and smart and thoughtful. Having two kids can suck the life out of you at times, but he is still a bright spot in my life.
5. The Princess turning 3 – another bright spot in my life – this little girl rocks. She is so honest, so energetic, so smart. She really amazes me daily. I love being her mommy.
6. Hubby’s business starting and actually taking off. Who woulda thunk it? I sure didn’t. Joke’s on me – it has been going well for him.
7. Making some new friends – strengthening bonds with people I’ve known a long time, forging new friendships with people I had barely known, making connections. It’s awesome and really was a bright spot in my year.
8. Because she reads this blog, I’m gonna mention my friend M who got engaged this year and asked me to be in her wedding. Her fiance planned the proposal to top all proposals – which included inviting her family and friends to be there after he popped the question (so, yup, we all knew she was getting engaged before she did!). Truly a special event and what a blessing to be included!

If I’ve forgotten any, it was purely by accident – it’s been an amazing year… Truly. Each year in my life gets better and better. I don’t mind getting older. I don’t mind that I already have smile lines around my eyes (because at least I’ve got stuff to smile about!).

My hopes for 2006 (and things I’m looking forward to):

1. I bought a scrap book and some gear today to start scrapbooking Pumpkin’s first year. I improvised for the Princess, and I wanted to try to be artsy-fartsy this go ’round [Note: If you are a scrapbooker reading this, please, leave me a comment and tell me where the heck to start on this! I’m already overwhelmed because I can’t figure out where to start!! ]
2. This year, Pumpkin will turn 1, The Princess will turn 4, and I’ll celebrate 6 years of wedded bliss.
3. I get to be in M’s wedding this May! I’m so excited. I’ve only been in 3 other weddings (and two were at a courthouse). I’m so looking forward to getting gussied up and taking part in their special day.
4. I want to keep writing. I’d forgotten, until I started blogging, just how much I enjoy writing. Wish I could find a way to make money doing it. I don’t have the patience to write “The Great American Novel”, but… Oh well.
5. I hope everyone in my life enjoys much health and continued happiness.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Hiya sweetheart. I really enjoy reading here(I need to start one of these blog things lol)

    First step to successful scrapbooking…

    #1 collect photos and memorobilia and organize it in whatever way you choose to crop. I ASSUME you plan to do a chronological order album which means just organize things by month. You need to GET IT TOGETHER BEFORE you start to PUT it together.

    A photo safe box is great for this.

  2. Thanks, Crystal – I was hoping to hear from you! Yup, planning to go month by month, starting w/ her birth, of course and including my “journals” for each month… (I’ll be emailing ya!). ; )

  3. In both our boys albums, I started with pictures from my pregnancies. I also threw in a few ultrasound photos, notes people wrote me about when the baby was gonna come… Then I started from the day they were born and moved forward. I didn’t really go by month per say, just by chronologic order of things that happened and pics I took… 🙂

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