Is That REALLY Necessary?!

One of my good friends and I have VERY different political affiliations. This wasn’t always the case. Somewhere along the way, she met and married a man (I use that term loosely) who had radically different political beliefs than I do, and she took them on. Fine and dandy. However…

Politics is one of those topics I tend to shy away from. Politics and religion are those hot button topics that guaranteed, if you aren’t careful, you can really offend someone in a discussion. Typically, these are the types of things I only talk about with Hubby, because I know that he feels near the same way I do (despite our votes cancelling each other out in the 2000 election – okay, was it 2000? My mind is now drawing a blank).

You would think that good friends could have those kinds of talks without offense. Turns out, they can’t. At least, that’s my conclusion from yesterday, when after spending several hours with a friend of mine, she proceeded to tell me that the current book she is reading is basically bashing people who lean the same way I do (politically). Nice. She just got done reading a book about “how to talk to” someone of my political beliefs “if you really have to”. Nice.

I had such a sour taste in my mouth after that – and I must say, I’m not even that political. I don’t follow every little thing that happens in Washington DC (though I should pay more attention, to be honest). I’m not an over-zealous, preach it to the world activist for the candidates and beliefs I follow. But to be lumped into some category of people that should be avoided? Ay yi yi. I was purrrrrrty peeved.

Isn’t that ridiculous? The last election was about 50/50, which means that half of the people approximately saw things my way (or for the pessimists, didn’t see things my way). That’s only part of the person – and not reason to avoid the person altogether (or read books about avoiding them, anyway!).

So, love me or hate me for who I am, and not the way I vote. At least I voted.

(As a P.S. for Crystal, who asked — my Aunt V did call me at about 4 on Monday – I took the girls and Hubby to meet her at the mall – it was a nice visit – only about an hour long and it was great to see her. She has a different perspective on things than my dad, including my Aunt Anne’s Alzheimer’s and my grandmother’s failing health. It was actually pretty interesting).

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  1. My entire family (from my grandparents all the way down to cousins) voted one way. I voted the other. The last election when I got home from voting, my mom, dad, and sister all called saying “I cancelled out your vote!”

  2. I have never been political either. My hub watches enough CNN etc. for both of us. I hate politics but I vote every single election.

    The thing that bothered me the most in the last presidential election is not liking EITHER candidate. It’s that way more and more it seems. Yes, I voted, but was I happy about it? No.

  3. I would love for an election to not be choosing the “lesser of two evils”.

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