Happiness is a Warm Baby

Pumpkin is nestled in my lap as I type this and I can hear her poor stuffy nose with each breath she takes. We’re waiting for the nasal saline to do its magic so I can just suck it all out with the nasal aspirator (a.k.a. “Nose Sucky”). Poor little thing.

It seems like we just can’t shake this bug in our house. The girls keep on passing it back and forth, The Princess has a constantly runny nose these days, and, three-year-old hygiene practices being what they are (or aren’t, as it may be), I think she’s the culprit. We’re living on Purell antibacterial wash and frequent hand-washing, but still the bug lives on.

It’s finally gotten that Hubby and I are snotty and snorty too – and we both have sore throats and froggy voices. I called him at work this morning (testing out our new phone – wheeee), and he sounded so rotten when he answered, I almost felt bad for him. I didn’t completely feel bad because he was apparently well enough to play b-ball last night (and if he was so sick, he shouldn’t have stayed up so late the past few nights watching football, but I digress!). I was eating popsicles by 5:30 this morning to relieve my throat soreness.

I hate winter.

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