What the HECK?!

Okay, it should not surprise people that I was up til 11 watching the finale of “The Apprentice” (Donald, not Martha). I have been sucked into reality tv since the original seven strangers were picked to live in a loft and have their lives taped (though for the record, I haven’t watched ALL the seasons of “The Real World” – I skipped some, like London and LA, and a few others here and there). Probably for the same reason I like reading blogs, I adore reality tv: because everyone else has a more interesting life than I do (or so it seems with some fancy editing).

As a faithful watcher, I’d been there since day one of Apprentice 4 – and was actually VERY pleased with the final two. So, I watched for two hours and you could kinda sorta tell that Trump wanted to hire both Randal AND Rebecca. So he hires Randal – and then he asked Randal if he should hire Rebecca too… and Randal gives some lame-o response about “This is the Apprentice, not the Apprenti.” (Um, genius with the five degrees, “Apprenti”?! That’s not a freakin’ word – I checked!).

What on earth was that all about?! I can’t believe I stayed up to watch that. Heaven forbid someone steal the guy’s thunder. That girl hobbled around on a broken ankle for twelve weeks to have some goofball cheat her out of a job too – just so he wouldn’t have to share his limelight? I really liked him too. What a schmuck he turned out to be.

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  1. I, too, am an Apprentice junky and was also satisfied with the two that were finalists. Much better than Martha’s finalists if you ask me. And I have been running around all day, asking people if they saw it last night, just so I’d have someone to commiserate with. I’m sure glad you watched, and I’m sure glad you felt the same way I did when Randal said those infamous words. I couldn’t believe it! It was such a let down! I also couldn’t believe the Donald let him get by with it. It was awful.

    I watched the Today show this morning and Rebecca was on there and was very gracious about the whole thing. The folks at Yahoo(you know, the same ones who wouldn’t let her ask for money for the charity) offered her a couple of chances to do work for them. She’ll have no end of offers I’m sure, but the Donald has missed out. And I know, and I’m sure you do too who the real scrooge is this Christmas. . .Randal!

  2. I totally agree! I was so mad because I was tired and I was hoping that both would be hired. Then Donald had to listen to Randal! Dumb! I went to bed disappointed.

  3. The Donald doesn’t allow others to make decisions for him. I think he knew people were expecting him to hire both of them and he pushed it off onto Randall so he (randall)would seem like the bad guy. If The Donald really wanted Rebecca, he would have taken her no matter what ScroogyRandall said.

  4. Hi Sarah.
    Cool blog, I loved reading about your family.
    I don’t watch the Apprentice, but I am looking forward to Survivor this week, and also got sucked into Wife-Swap. I think it’s the voyeur in each of us that makes reality tv so successful, lol.

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