So Maybe She’s NOT Growing…

Another rough night with Pumpkin last night. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is likely not a growth spurt, but most probably another ear infection. The cruddy thing is that last week is the first week of the past THREE weeks that I hadn’t taken her to the doctor’s! The last time we went was the day before Thanksgiving, and she had a pretty nasty bug. At that time, you could tell she wasn’t well – her nose was alternating between super runny and super stuffy. It was pretty obvious that something was up. But, her ears were fine.

I called the doctor’s office on Tuesday (or was it Wednesday? These days without sleep have all somewhat blurred together), the nurse said that a growth spurt was pretty likely at four months. Soooo, I figured, rather than look like an idiot bringing a baby in with a cold for the third straight week, we’d just tough it out.

I think that was a mistake.

Nearly every time we have tried to put Pumpkin to bed, as soon as we lay her flat, she screams. She’ll only sleep in someone’s arms or in the carseat. Right now, she’s finally in bed (after two hours of trying, I’ll just note), but that’s because she’s a virtual pharmacy: infant Tylenol, infant Pedia Care, and prescription pain relief ear drops. I’m thinkin’ that maybe that nasty bug (you know, the stupid virus that can’t be “cured” by anything anyway) has morphed into an ear infection. If this is the case, and I didn’t take her in this week, I’m going to feel pretty lousy (though relieved that it’s something “fix-able”).

At this point, we have one more day to tough it out until her “well baby” (what a laugh) appointment on Monday. Coincidentally, I was already planning on getting the ear infection vaccine for her (people who are opposed to vaccines – I don’t wanna hear it – I believe in ’em, and because the tendency towards ear infections is hereditary, and I got them tons, as did The Princess, we’ll be getting the vaccine to hopefully not start in on creating more antibiotic resistant bacteria…). She’s actually due for several shots, so Monday is gonna be a rough one. But hopefully, they can figure out what on earth is keeping this kid up.

Anyway – I’m exhausted. I figure I now have about 2 hours and 58 minutes until the Tylenol wears off.

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