Popcorn Binge

I am sitting at my computer with a bellyache from eating a massive bowl of popcorn. Not just any popcorn, but the popcorn trifecta. The kind that comes in a bucket and features butter, cheesy, and caramel corn. They sell the stuff year round, but it’s only in December that I feel I need over two pounds of popcorn, and that I need to eat it with little to no help from anyone else in the house.

Mind you, it’s barely 10:30 in the morning and I’ve already stuffed my face with a heaping bowlful of the stuff.

I picked up the tub of popcorn at Rite Aid on Monday after filling Pumpkin’s antibiotic prescription. I figured that due to lack of sleep and chaos, I earned the treat. Plus, it was on sale for $3.99. Can’t pass up that kind of deal. Immediately when I arrived home, I opened the tub to take out the cardboard thingy that keeps the three kinds separate. Removal of the cardboard is key – if it’s not removed, it is highly likely that someone in this house (and it could be anyone… except Pumpkin) will go eat the popcorn, but not all three types equally. I would then open the tub to find out that all that remains is the butter kind (by far, it’s the least favorite of the trio). So, you take out the cardboard and shake up the tub and mix them all up to create a truly festive snack.


I can’t seem to stop eating this stuff. Every stinking year. I’ll have a few bowls a day until the tin is finally empty. It’s quite disgusting, really. I’m sure there is no redeeming nutritional value to this popcorn (high fructose corn syrup is a key ingredient), but by golly, it’s my holiday splurge. Some people drink, some people eat lots of chocolate… Not me. I eat popcorn until the cheese makes my fingers orange and the caramel makes my teeth ache.

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