The Only Thing Worse than Being Sick on Christmas…

…is one of your kiddos getting sick, too.

I woke up on Christmas morning, just feeling ready to keel over. I had had this feeling in my chest like an elephant sitting on it, coupled with a cough for a few days, but it wasn’t constant, and the afterhours clinic told me on the phone Friday night that since I didn’t have pain in my leg, and because I told them I didn’t have anxiety, that I could just drink more fluids, wait it out – come in if it got worse. By Christmas morning, it was worse.

I had the chills and nausea, topped with light-headedness and an aching body. We got through our Christmas festivities at home (basically the girls opening gifts from Santa), loaded into the car to head to my mom’s (a five minute drive). Hubby asked me if I wanted to stay home, because I was just hobbling along.

Got to my mom’s and my head was pounding and my stomach was just in knots. I sipped 7Up all morning and curled up in a rocking chair. The nausea finally subsided over a bowl of plain noodles at about 11. That was about when The Princess curled up with Hubby on the couch, complaining of stomach pain. She was miserable ALL afternoon. She barely ate all day, and her temperature went up to about 102. She didn’t even participate in the opening of presents with any enthusiasm! She got her much hoped for Annabell Baby, and didn’t even get excited. It was horrible.

The Princess is such an independent little kid – and she was such a cuddlebug yesterday, asking me to rub her belly and hold her tight. It was rough for us to both be sick on Christmas.

She’s back to her normal self today, but I’m still not quite there yet. Of course, doctor’s offices AND afterhours were both closed today, and I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. This has not been the merriest Christmas for our family.

(But, on a positive note, if you want to see my favorite gift – go to Canvas On Demand to see what Hubby got me – he had a pic of the girls blown up to this awesome black and white portrait… So so awesome).

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  1. So sorry to hear you and your little one felt so bad for Christmas. I hope you’re on the mend now.

    The company your husband used for the photo looks like they do a great picture. I bet it’s beautiful.

  2. I can’t even describe how awesome the picture is – it’s huge – and it’s now B&W – I have to frame it yet… but I’m sure I’m going to want him to get one for next year ; )

  3. I’m sorry to hear you guys felt like poop on Christmas! Fortunately over here, they were healthier, but CRABBY! Sheesh – Jack was outta control crabby and everything was “mine!” They are doing well today though, it’s good to be back to some sense of normal! How are you feeling today?

  4. Doing okay… Doc said it was probably a virus AND mastitis (the joys of breastfeeding…). Fortunately, the mastitis has resolved itself – whoo-hoo! – and I’m just virus-y… She wrote a script for antibiotics JUST IN CASE it all flares up again over the next long holiday weekend…

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