On The Tenth Day of Christmas…

…my true love gave to me:

a ten dollar gift card to Target

(which I promptly spent on MYSELF this morning while I was at Target picking up a baby gift for a co-worker’s baby girl, born yesterday afternoon).

Speaking of my co-worker and her baby – that completes it. Our marketing department has now been completely dissolved. It started when I went on maternity leave after Pumpkin was born. Then, our department’s assistant (also pregnant) ended up departing two months before her baby was due because she was ordered to bed rest for pre-term labor. Then, my boss moved to North Carolina (and I found out today that she knew about that FIVE months before telling me – I knew she had known for awhile, but FIVE MONTHS!?).

Of course, many of you know that when my leave was up, I wasn’t quite ready to go back to work, and I asked to transition in part time… less than a week later, I received a memo that my job had been given to Junior (I’ll call him that because he seems like such a young little pee-wee to me). The memo also said that when my co-worker’s baby was born (she’s the one who had her baby girl yesterday), she wouldn’t be returning, as she opted to stay home. C had never said that!

The memo was like the black cloud hanging over us. Basically, it dissolved our entire department. I’m hanging in there part time, but C was just waiting for her baby to be born before they basically elbowed her out of the joint.

Shady shady stuff.

To top it off, Human Resources has blown me off for the second day in a row – they were supposed to call me yesterday. Two months after that beloved memo went out, I still have no idea what my job really is – and no one can seem to give me a job description.

It’s like a big freakin’ circus.

(P.S. Pumpkin slept 11-1/2 hours last night after crying for mere minutes… I’m a happy duck).

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