On the Sixth Day of Christmas…

…my true love gave to me:

six packs of Orbit Cinnamint gum (my favorite)!

It’s funny, my love for all things Cinnamon began with my pregnancy for Pumpkin. When I was pregnant for The Princess, I had little or no food aversions (I can’t remember any, anyway), but with Pumpkin, so many things just didn’t sit right for me – mint was one of those things.

Usually, I’m a spearmint gum kinda gal. I like to chew gum, and chew it quite a bit. When I was pregnant, it just made me want to gag. Regular minty toothpaste did, too! So I had to switch to cinnamon. Even coffee (the taste, smell – everything) grossed me out for the first few months, and you all know how I love my Starbucks!

Just this past weekend, I had my first diet Coke (caffeine free, since I’m still nursing) since last year. Even diet Coke grossed me out during my pregnancy. I wonder if this means Pumpkin is going to be a picky eater? I don’t think I could handle that.

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  1. I’m going to tell everyone that comes by my site about your husband gifting you like this! It’s such a nice idea.

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