On the Fifth Day of Christmas…

…my true love gave to me:

a five-pack of Diet 7-Up

(Yup, it was originally a six-pack… I think he drank the sixth one to make it five! He cracks me up!)

As we’re winding down the twelve days of Christmas, it truly makes me feel blessed to have a husband that does this for me. Also, it makes me wonder, what does day one have in store? Some years, he finished with somewhat of a “bang” – there have been Christmases where I’ve gotten a dozen roses first thing in the morning (he purchased them Christmas Eve and kept them chilling in the trunk of his car!). Some years, it’s been another fun, goofy thing. In any case, the anticipation is fun and makes me actually look forward to rolling out of bed in the morning. The days Hubby gets up before me (which is most days, because let’s be real – my commute to work is walking from my bed to the computer – I stay in bed as long as I can get away with!), my present is often waiting on the kitchen counter when I get downstairs. I love that. Any day that gets started with presents is almost always a good day.

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