Oh – On the Second Day of Christmas…

… my true love gave to me:

two socks

Well, it’s a pair of socks, actually. A festive holiday pair with bears in santa hats and candy canes. Embarassingly enough, I have a few goofy pairs of holiday socks (including bright orange ones with jack o’ lanterns for Halloween). I like ’em. They’re spunky.

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  1. I have a small collection of those too. Mostly from my mother-in-law. She tends to send me festive socks and dishtowels. I guess I look like a sock and dishtowel kind of girl. I wonder what that says about me. I’m eagerly awaiting finding out what your “Partridge in a Pair Tree” is.

    Have a wonderful, merry Christmas!

  2. I think I know what it is, and it bugs me that I think I know, and I’m probably right! I found a receipt on the kitchen counter for something that I haven’t seen anywhere, so my guess is that Hubby got careless.

    Granted, if he got me what I think he got me, it’s cool, cuz I do need one, but… the fact that I think I know, well… It’s throwing me off a bit.

    I’ll let y’all know tomorrow!

  3. This is one of those pretend you had no clue moments.

    I can’t wait to find out what it was.

    Hope you have a great Christmas!

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