And The Verdict Is…

Pumpkin doesn’t have an ear infection. That shocked me. We had her four month doctor’s appointment this morning and I had a list of questions for the doctor – including, “Are her ears infected?” Doctor B said her ears look beautiful, however…

Her lungs are “crackly”.

Dr. B didn’t say it was pneumonia – didn’t give a name at all to whatever is going on with Pumpkin’s lungs, only said that she needed to be on antibiotics. She said that given the duration of congestion (it’s been about a month now, I think), the antibiotics need to happen. I have to keep her inside, as opposed to being outside too much (not a rough task given that it’s 20-something degrees today), also reduce exposure to other irritants, such as smoke (a relief, since my in-laws have been pestering us to set a date for celebrating Christmas as their house, which always smells like smoke). The doc said that Pumpkin shouldn’t be around smoke anyway (duh), but that given her infection, the smoke could make things much worse. Since no one gave a rat’s patoot that I have been saying for weeks I didn’t want her exposed, now I have dr’s orders that she can’t be there. Here’s hoping that my in-laws can stop being nasty about this (their standard response is to refuse to come to our house saying, “Kids come to parents.” UGH). Obviously, one would think their granddaughter’s health would take precendence over their stubborn natures. We’ll see soon, I guess.

Dr. B also indicated that this lung-mess is probably why we’re not sleeping much in our house these days. Good to have a reason, but I wish so much that my baby didn’t have to be sick.

She got three shots today – the standard four-month shots, plus Prevnar (the ear infection vaccine). She’s sleepy and cranky today, which makes it no different than the past week, I suppose.

On the bright side, she’s now 25-1/2 inches long and 14 pounds, 12 ounces. She’s tall. Maybe she’ll be in the WNBA someday and make lots of money for me and Hubby to repay us for all these sleepless nights!

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  1. So sorry she’s sick.
    People who smoke seem oblivious to its irritating nature. I hope your in-laws wise-up.

    P.S. Do you want comments or should I just keep them to myself? I don’t want to comment if it’s unwelcome.

  2. Oh, keep commenting : ) Any non-spam comments are more than welcome… (And you know what I mean about those spammy ones!).

    Nice to know someone’s reading!

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