What No One Tells You – Edition 1

No one tells you, until you’re in the midst of it that three years old is worse than two. At that point, you really don’t need anyone to tell you – it’s like someone telling you when you’re standing in a torrential downpour that it’s raining a bit. The terrible two’s? Really not at all that bad compared to three!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my little Princess… But, goodness, what an attitude that one can get at times. If she’s hungry, if she’s over-tired, if the wind blows the wrong way, you can almost predict when she’s going to melt down and turn into this being that looks like a scary version of the kid you know and love.

For example, yesterday The Princess and I were baking cookies. I enjoy baking, and she enjoys helping, so everyone wins, right? Sort of. The Princess wanted to lick her spatula, but I had moved it to a plate (heaven forbid) to avoid putting the doughy mess on the counter, and then because I wouldn’t trade spatulas with her (I think that’s what she was upset about) she just freaked out on me. She started wailing and screeching and just getting all worked up. Over a FREAKIN’ SPATULA! Good gracious. Was glad to see that storm blow over.

At the end of every day, The Princess and I do “High – Low”, where I ask her to tell me the best and worst part of her day. Yesterday, the best part for her was gymnastics. And the worst part? Even five plus hours after this little debacle, the worst part of her day was apparently when I wouldn’t give her my spatula. Kid holds a grudge! Oh well, what can ya do? Kids will be kids.

Today, we stayed relatively tantrum-free. Before bed, I tucked her in and asked the best and worst parts of her day. The best was getting a set of paper dolls from grandma (my mom picked them up at the Smithsonian on a recent trip to Washington DC). The worst? The Princess got this look on her face, then smiled and said, “Nothing. I guess I had a pretty good day, didn’t I, mom?”

Moments like that make you (almost) forget the rough ones!

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