So, That Wasn’t Good.

Spring is wreaking havoc on my allergies. Or I have a cold. I am not sure, but I am keeping Kleenex in business right now. Last night, I was kicking back watching hockey (Gah. That game. Sigh) and finally around 11:30 decided I just couldn’t stand sniffling anymore and took some nighttime cold medicine.

Then promptly fell asleep in the midst of the third period of the hockey game, missing the ONLY goal the RedWings scored. They still lost, but man. I missed a good (bad?) chunk of the game and this morning I have a cold medicine hangover.


Where I Pick The Final Two In American Idol Via Twitter

Yeah. As I type this, it’s nearly 11 p.m. Eastern. It’s intermission following the first period of the RedWings/Ducks game and also the 900 hour Biggest Loser finale is on.

Tonight on American Idol, each of the three guys sang two songs – one picked by the judges, one picked on their own. Danny’s song by Paula was alright (I hate when he dances though – it literally makes me uncomfortable to watch). Kris’s first song was boring, but I loved his Kanye cover. And Adam… well, I’m not denying that he has skills… but they are yelly skills. It’s not the kind of album I’d buy.

BUT, my predictions for the final two are….

Adam and Kris.


Danny isn’t even trending on Twitter and Adam and Kris are…

I don’t even know what #jonasparanoid is… but more people are talking about that than Danny.

So, there you have it – a totally useless post, a totally non-scientific experiment. And kind of dorky too. No, wait. Seriously dorky. (Writer’s block makes me wax philosophical-ish about reality television).

Off to watch more hockey.

Two in Two

I have now broken my second pair of ear buds in two days. The first pair somehow shorted out or some such — the sound blips on and off in the right ear bud. Well, it did before it permanently decided it liked Off best. The second pair has some exposed wire going on now.

Seriously. How did I do this?

Once again, I need new headphones of some sort. I guess maybe I should NOT buy the cheapest pair this time.

Happy Mother’s Day

The Princess told me last night, “Mom, when you wake up tomorrow – DON’T EAT ANYTHING. If you get hungry, drink some water, but DO. NOT. EAT.” Okay, so at that point, I was clued in… breakfast in bed, six year old style. Awesome, dry toast.

Well, The Princess slept in.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. I’m starving and dying for coffee. I hope everyone has an awesome day!

Well, That Was Easy

I love Apple.
I love iTunes.

And even when I knew that the downloads on iTunes was all DRM-y, I didn’t care because I loved the ease of use and how everything was all in one place. Before the whole iTunes thing, I had a Sony MP3 player and the Connect/Sound Stage program was no where near as user friendly as I find iTunes to be.

So, even when I knew Amazon was DRM-free, I didn’t use it because iTunes was so easy. And even though I knew that most songs were cheaper per song than iTunes, I still didn’t use Amazon because iTunes kept all my stuff in a nice neat tidy little bundle and I didn’t have to import anything or do anything crazy special – everything JUST HAPPENED easily.


I went looking for an album the other day and it wasn’t available on iTunes. It was available on Amazon. I downloaded the nifty little Amazon downloader doohickey and found out that all this time I thought that it was going to be a mess DL’ing music from Amazon, it wasn’t. It was easy and all my new music went right into iTunes without me having to import songs or break a sweat.

If I could find where my daughters hid my Staples button, I would press it now: “That was easy.”

And if you’re wondering what I’m listening to….

The Mechanics of Leaving by Keeley Valentino. Kind of an acoustic-y, singer songwriter from Nashville. And I LOVE it.

I’m Old.

Tonight, The Princess asked for a quesadilla. She chomped on it for awhile before putting it down. When I saw it on her plate I said to her, “Your quesadilla looks kinda like PacMan!”

Blank stare.

“Huh?” she asked.

“PacMan, your quesadilla kind of looks like PacMan.”

“Mom,” she said, as though I had horns or three heads, “I don’t even KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.”
(You can see it, right? I realize the mouth is a bit too rounded for PacMan… and that PacMan wasn’t covered in cheese, as far as I can remember, but it’s a resemblance nonetheless – like it could be PacMan’s cousin or something).

April Showers Bring April Flowers

For the bulk of the year, this is basically a plain boring green bush. Right now? It has the awesome purple flowers you see in the last frame of the trio. It requires no gardening knowledge from anyone which is awesome. It’s the only reason why it’s still around.
This is the only foliage type post you’ll see from me. Why? Because THIS is the only landscaping we have. Basically, we have lawn, we have a tree and we have this bush which is supposedly a rhododendron (but if it’s not, that’s okay too).
Every time I see it, a tiny bit of me wishes I had more flowers around until I realize that I don’t want to spend my free time with my hands in the dirt.

Where A Piece Of Paper Goes on Vacation And We Don’t

And after a day of chillin’ on the slopes, Stanley even got to soak the day away in a hot tub.

That Dishwasher Isn’t Gonna Empty Itself

On Mondays, I typically gather all the laundry that’s accumulated in the house all week and basically spend the day washing, drying and folding laundry. Everyone has a basket and I put everyone’s stuff in their basket for them to take care of putting in drawers and hanging in their closet (Pumpkin is the exception to the rule as she can’t reach some of her drawers, and I figure I’ll put her to work soon enough). I tend to get my clothes put away quickly – because having a laundry basket full of clean clothes just sitting there drives me bonkers – I have to get the stuff put away promptly. Hubby usually gets to his about midway in the week. The Princess? Well, last night, I had to tell her AGAIN, that she needed to put away her clothes from LAST week so I would have a basket to put in her clean clothes from THIS week in. She just hates to put her clothes away.

It drives me nuts.

But that’s the way I am about the dishwasher.

I know that I should just be relieved to have a dishwasher. Relieved to not have to wash every dish by hand. Instead, I grumble about what a pain it is to put dishes away. As I type, the dishwasher is full of clean dishes that are just sitting there – and I dread getting up to deal with them. I’d rather clean every toilet in our house (and there are four) TWICE than deal with putting the dishes away.

Makes me wish for biodegradable paper plates.

Oops, I Did It Again

It is never a good idea to rejoice about your child’s improved sleeping habits. Guaranteed, any joy you have found in getting a decent night’s rest will be STOMPED ON by your child deciding once again that 5:30 is a lovely time to start the day.