Thursday Ten: Something’s Gotta Give Edition

1. HELLO RAIN. It’s insane. I feel awful for complaining about the rain when so many other areas have had it far worse. So while I don’t love the weather, my heart goes out to those who are in areas that have been hit worse by this weather, with tornadoes, wind and have had experience loss.

2. As much as I pride myself for staying on top of the things I need to do – sometimes… I slack. The lovely peeps at Freschetta sent me some awesome storage containers and some coupons to try some of their new products free – and since I am usually not the one to go grocery shopping, I hadn’t picked up the pizza until late last week. I was able to try their Pizza-By-The-Slice in the BBQ chicken flavor. First things first – I love pizza. Second things second – I don’t normally love frozen pizza, but I do love Freschetta, and I think it’s because I’m a carb girl – for me, the crust makes or breaks a pizza. I don’t like a flimsy crust. Freschetta kind of wins me over with their crust. I actually dig the idea of a “by the slice” pizza – partly (okay, MOSTLY) because it stops me from gorging on half a full size pizza in one sitting. If you would like to win a coupon to try this for yourself  as well as a three pack of storage containers from Freschetta – leave a comment below. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Saturday morning. (If I had posted this earlier, I would have run it longer. This is where that not being on top of things-thing just backfired). Anyway – it’s pretty tasty, you’ll want to try it.

3. Guitar lesson went…okay…today. We took a break from Jack Johnson and his bar chords to tinker with Ryan Adams and “Desire”. The good thing about this song? All chords I know and love. It’s a song I know and love. Oh, and it’s a nice brain-break from trying to coordinate mutes, bar chords, and weird goofy things that are probably really easy for those people who are lucky enough to be prodigies but for me, I feel like my brain and hands are trying to do twelve things at once and there is steam coming out of my ears from the gears in my head turning double-time. It’s okay. I’ll survive.

4. Vloggedy-vlog. Guh. I did one, and then never again. For some reason, video from my phone flipped sideways when I put it into the Sony Vegas video editing software I’m trying out, so I had to rotate it. Then I managed to chop a large portion of my head off. NOTE: I hate this software. I am using a trial version. This is NOT intuitive. It’s quite a bit of a pain. Also, I don’t think it compresses the final product very well, so the files take a VERY LONG TIME to upload. I should have just uploaded to YouTube straight from my phone. SIGH. Anyway… there I am. Down there. And yes, I totally cut off the end – where I then rambled on for FORTY MORE SECONDS ABOUT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Bad transition/end to the video? Yes. But trust me, you wanted me to be done. Guh.

5. And since I just told you how much I DO NOT LOVE SONY VEGAS VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE, what can you recommend that might work better?  I do have Windows MovieMaker – but I have had a real pain of a time importing both video and music to the software to put things together. Not sure what the deal is – but, it’s not really working for me either. SHORT OF TOSSING MY LAPTOP OUT THE WINDOW, BUYING A MAC AND USING iMOVIE – any other suggestions for PC-friendly video editing software?

6. Hold your look of surprise but… I HAVE NOT DOWNLOADED ANY NEW MUSIC THIS WEEK. I know. It’s crazy, right?

7. I actually watched “The Voice” the other night. Actually an interesting premise that is kind of intriguing, just in time for American Idol to have gotten so boring I can’t stand it.  I do find the camera constantly zooming in on Christina Aguilera’s cleavage to be somewhat gratuitous, though, and frankly… does nothing for me (Sorry, Xtina).

8. I’m done with my antibiotics and the sinus headaches are gone but my ears still hurt. A lot. I have got to make taking decongestants a regular part of my day (be honest, you like when I talk about my sinuses, don’t you?). I’m not particularly a big fan of medication of any sort really – but the ear pain? It’s like someone jabbed a Q-tip in too far, repeatedly and constantly for the past several weeks {I’m guessing. That’s never REALLY happened}

9. The other night, I was making dinner and The Princess said to me, “Why are you making it that way?” Yes, with a tone and a sneer. I told her if she didn’t like it, she could make her own dinner – and you know what? She did! I am not sure what her problem is with my (totally amazing from scratch whole wheat) pizza dough, but she preferred the stuff out of the box and she made her own little pizza and cleaned up after herself when she was done. It’s not ideal, but whoa, she’s getting older.

10. I’ve been watching “Chasing Amy” while I’ve been working out on the treadmill – because the weather has been all craptastic. And I used to really love this movie – partly because I really tend to love dialog driven movies – however, one thing that becomes more and more apparent to me with each minute of this movie? I really do NOT love Ben Affleck. I don’t know what it is about him – he always seems kind of smarmy. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Ben Affleck do anything I’ve ever liked in a movie.


While I was sent coupons for complimentary pizza from Freschetta, my opinions are, as always my own. 🙂 And yes, I’m pretty sure I just used an emoticon in a blog post which means that lightning will strike me soonish.

O-M-G a V-L-O-G

Y’all. This is one of the most nervewracking things I’ve ever done. I don’t imagine I’ll do it often (or well!), but definitely wanted to give it a try to kind of break through the fear I have of the whole “being on the wrong side of the camera” thing. Music in the beginning is courtesy of Pumpkin’s headphone-less iPod (country music? Where’d my kid get the country music?).

So, this is me. If you have posted a vlog lately, leave your link in the comments so I can come over and see you.