When You Laugh So Hard People Give You Dirty Looks

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorite days of the week. I know it’s going to make me sound like a rotten mom, but the days when both my kids are off and doing their respective things and I’m able to get work done, have down time (because that’s IT, y’all – Tuesday and Thursday – Saturday and Sunday? Doesn’t mean squat to me – same stuff going on!), and recharge my mental batteries by taking some time out to just be me. I’m not talking “Mom” me, but Me, the Sarah that doesn’t have to wipe noses or help put someone’s underpants on or cut crusts off sandwiches.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I get to get huge chunks of work done. I get to deal with lunch when I get hungry (I forget lunch a lot – especially Thursday when I head out for my guitar lesson realizing, “Oh crap! I did it again!” and grab a protein drink or pick up an iced latte on my way home to quiet my grumbly tummy). I don’t have to struggle with Pumpkin’s nap. On the whole, my productivity is awesome.

Sometimes I throw some fun stuff in the mix. Today, I went out to lunch with my best friend. She’s been in a funk lately – and I can relate… we both figured we’d catch up and chill out over some lunch. We planned on a whine fest.

Instead – we laughed… a lot. Sure, there was whining (are you new here? Of course there was whining!), but instead we turned it around and laughed our asses off and made fun of our crazy and the craziness in our lives, and made the people sitting near us give us these looks like, “Oh my god, who did I stab in a former life to get stuck sitting next to these loud mouths?!” (That’s what their faces were saying, but deep inside I know they really felt lucky because yeah, we may be loud… but we’re entertaining!).

And when it was over I went home and finished my work, folded six loads of laundry and didn’t entirely feel like Cinderella about it.

Good friends make things suck less. 🙂

Thursday Ten, Twinkle Twinkle Edition

1. Today was my first guitar lesson. My instructor is very sweet, and fortunately, turns out it’s a private lesson. I would be really frustrated to share my time with some punk 11-year old prodigy… That would make me feel old… and talentless (both of which I AM… for now). Learning parts of the guitar, what strings are which notes (EADGBE – now I just have to get more used to thinking like that – I think better as far as which number a string is versus which note). Also dealing with learning what fret is what. I spend a lot of time stopping to think about what I’m doing – certainly not instinctive so far. BUT, at the end I played part of “Twinkle Twinkle” so I’m pretty proud of myself.

2. My brother is in the hospital again and has been since Monday. I haven’t been to visit him yet – basically because I’m a schmuck. He will be getting out tomorrow is what we’re told.

3. The Princess is still loving school – so… whew. Big sigh of relief.

4. We’ve finally got some rain today and the temps are hovering right around 60 degrees. I’ve got jeans and a hoodie on today and am loving it. I love when the weather is like this – eventually the rain will annoy me, but my grass has been brown for a few weeks now, so it’s fine.

5. Project Runway last night… Well, that was an awesome challenge. Better than the “innovation” testing challenge of tearing up a Saturn and making something out of it – creating a design for DvF’s line? That was cool. Buh-bye Stella.

6. My project that wouldn’t die? Still won’t die.

7. College football started last weekend. Michigan lost to Utah. Crap, crap, crap. They play Miami (of Ohio) on Saturday so here’s hoping that works out a little bit better for my Wolverines. Game is at noon on ESPN2. Goooooooooooooooo Blue.

8. I let Pumpkin have Cheetos for breakfast and so I’m kind of feeling like a slacker mom. The thing is – I think I was doing a community service. Kiddo in her room at daycare has a peanut allergy – would it really have been better to let her have her usual peanut butter on a waffle before going there? Allergies scare the hell out of me – I wouldn’t want to miss a drop of PB and send some poor kid into an allergic tailspin. So, yeah. Cheetos. Go me.

9. New music. Ehhh. I am pretty slackery lately. What is everyone else listening to?

10. Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick bars taste a little like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Told you I was random.