A Call For Help…

So, my treadmill is making funny noises. The exercise bike makes me want to snooze. Tonight, I broke out the Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease DVDs for my workout and did this:

And while it was entertaining, the workout itself is pretty short (it’s longer than the 2 minute clip here, but… still: short workout) and I don’t want to keep explaining to my kids that yeah, she meant for her pants to look like that. Oh, and the jogging in place at the end? I totally don’t get that.

Until I replace my treadmill, I guess I’m stuck with my exercise bike and workout DVDs. Any recommendations?

And it’s Monday night and the “I Am Blissfully Domestic” linky night – so hi to any BD folks. If you click on the little jobby-do down there, you can pop on over to Blissfully Domestic to see what other folks have going on this week.