Weekly Winners, Week Ending 03/06/10

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Kicked off the week with the John Mayer concert on Sunday. You know why I love this picture? Check the face of the girl on the screen behind him. It CRACKS ME UP.

Reflections. I got a little bored at my bake sale Wednesday and took a selfy via the window of the office building. (BONUS: I raised over $300 by selling cookies and sweets – I’m so jazzed to have raised so much moohlah for a good cause)

To the butterfly gardens yesterday. This lovely creature landed on my hand and stayed there enough for me to snap a few shots. Of course, I was in such direct sunlight that lighting conditions aren’t ideal, but there’s just no reasoning with a butterfly.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a blue morpho butterfly? No? Well, here’s the thing: THEY FLY REALLY FAST. And when they land, they shut their wings tight like this. Still pretty, but… I sat there for the longest time waiting for it to fly off, and then when it did… it was just too fast to capture. Like I said, there’s no reasoning with butterflies.

“Sarah? Did you just take a picture of the barrel cactus? I knew you would take a picture of that.”

I’m not sure what this is for, but it caught my eye.

She waited SO PATIENTLY and stood so still – and yet… she remained empty handed.

Aw yeah. National Oreo Day. That’s what I’m talking about. And of course, if you have a fresh pack of Oreos, you should totally make a tower. Or play Oreo Jenga.