Thursday Ten: It’s ALMOST WALK WEEKEND! edition

1. It’s finally here! Tomorrow, I’ll head to Boston (I’ve never been there!) for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and I’ll walk 39.3 miles (or somewhere over 40 miles in Avon miles… their mile measurements never seem quite right!) to support breast cancer research and programs to help those with the disease. I’m SO excited (but still a little freaked about the airplane because y’all…airplanes). It will be a good weekend, the weather looks like it’s gonna be great (maaaaybe a bit too warm, but, I’ll get over it), and I can’t wait to spend time walking with friends for a good cause.

2. In anticipation of my trip out of town and a bit of missed time at work, I haven’t been out and about as much during my lunch hours to take pictures. I haven’t even really taken lunch the past few days. I miss that time mid-day with my camera in hand. It means that my picture of the day could very well be… my lunch? Yawn. Sorry.
258 | 365

3. The Home button on my iPhone is being severely cranky and a bit of a Google search tells me that this is a) common and b) likely easily remedied by cleaning it out. I should probably try giving it a whirl with the cleaning idea because it’s DRIVING ME NUTS to push that button and have NOTHING happen.

4. Yesterday, The Princess made cookies for me to take on my trip. She knows I love cookies – she recently made me cookies for mother’s day. However, she was following a Rachael Ray recipe and mid-process realized we didn’t have enough flour and there were no chocolate chips (I think they’re just hidden in the fridge… seems like we have some). My girl altered the recipe, omitting the chocolate, mixing all-purpose flour with whole wheat and you know what? They’re PRETTY GOOD. Kinda proud of her getting creative with baking.

5. I asked for some recommendations for new music to add to my iPod for my trip, and got several recommendations. One of my favorite recent additions is “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons (h/t to Amanda for the recommendation).

6. Found out yesterday that the awesome card thing that has been going on was coordinated for me through Hallmark’s CARD SHOWER program (You can find info on their website). I can’t even describe how cool it is, and how much it’s lifted me. The Card Shower makes it easy for someone to set up such a thing – for whatever the occasion – and I’m grateful someone took the time to do that for me.

7. And also in the music category, that which is old is new again? Added some old stuff to the music library this week, which is why Dido’s “Here With Me” has been stuck in my head all morning.

8. I need to go bathing suit shopping. I bought my last suit at an outlet mall somewhere in Maryland while out of town to shoot a wedding (it’s a Gap suit, I think), and if I’m remembering correctly, it was a mildly traumatic experience. Nooooot so much looking forward to doing it again.

9. The airline called me this morning to check in for my flight. It kind of freaked me out and I hung up on them. That was probably an inappropriate reaction. Also, I hate flying. But, I did check in online and am good to go now.

10. How many times have I listened to Augustana’s “Boston” in anticipation of my trip? Eleventy, but mostly because of shuffle. Love that song. I wonder if it annoys the people in Boston.
I think I need a sunrise, I’m tired of the sunset…

Thursday Ten: Talking About Things edition

1. First things first, because you know I’d mention it and I’mma get it out of the way and then move on. Season Two of The Voice ended with Chris Mann placing fourth and while I am tremendously bummed that he didn’t win it (OH THE TALENT, Y’ALL), I have faith that good things are in store for him. Besides, does anyone even know who won Season 1 of The Voice? I sure don’t. He’ll find his way – that I’m sure of. It was just really nice to see his face on my TV for all those weeks. Quite nice indeed.

2. In the midst of feeling massive amounts of stress lately my friends had bombed me with love in the forms of cards in the mail and random texts and DMs on Twitter. It feels amazingly good to know I have such great people in my corner. It makes my heart lighter to feel loved and I appreciate it.

3. A week from tomorrow, I’ll be on a plane (GAH) heading for Boston for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. This will be my FOURTH Avon Walk, and I’m excited and nervous. I’ve never been to Massachusetts and I’m looking forward to seeing so much of a new place over the few days I’m there.

4. I wasn’t going to mention it – because I don’t do politics here – but I’m pretty damn pleased that President Obama voiced his support for same-sex marriage yesterday. Whether or not you think it’s a ploy to get votes in an election year, or whether you believe his sincerity — it’s still huge and I am tremendously glad he took that step in that direction. I am choosing to tune out the haters about it – because who has time for hate? Not me.

5. So, it’s totally rational when feeling stressed out to make massive changes to your hair. Cut three inches off the bottom and colored it (myself! Can you tell?!). I think I’ll be taking it a little darker soon and getting rid of some of the red, because WHOA.
Oh. The red.

6. Tonight The Princess has a school musical. I added it to my iPhone calendar a month ago. Never thought about it since. The reminder popped up last night. Her teacher sends reminders about EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME. Not this. Soooo… guess I have plans tonight. Don’t get me wrong – I love love love seeing my kids involved in school and shining their light and being their best – but apparently there are TWO HUNDRED KIDS IN THIS PERFORMANCE. 200.

7. I posted briefly last night about my intent to write more and I meant it. Some of that writing will fill this space. Not all of it, but some. I love writing, and I want to find my way back to it.

8. I haven’t downloaded anything new lately that wasn’t The Voice related (see #1) or wasn’t for the kids (which is how “TTYLXOX” popped up on Shuffle this morning). What are you listening to these days?

9. While I am working to make writing a bigger part of my life again, my time with a camera in my hands remains some of my favorite waking time. I cannot imagine not having this outlet. I love getting to show people the way I see things. Needing to find a way to keep challenging myself and seeing things differently.
252 | 365

10. It’s Mother’s Day weekend approaching – so if you are a mom, have a mom, know a mom, have heard of this strange concept called “mom”, or whatever. Enjoy yourself. Or don’t. But if you’re not enjoying yourself, can you make some waffles for me? I’d like to celebrate this whole mom thing.

Thursday Ten: May, Huh? edition

1. I am endlessly amazed by how quickly time zips by and how blurry each day seems to get and how I am already seeing notes in the kids’ backpacks about the last day of school and that’s how close it is – that it’s NEXT MONTH already and whoa, May, where did you come from?

2. Tomorrow is the dog’s birthday. He’ll be two. I remember when we met him – there were two puppies to choose from. We moved some distance away from the puppies and waited to see who would come to us. This is the little guy who chose us. He chews up stuff that should not be chewed, but dang if I don’t actually love having a dog. House actually feels safer with him in it (mainly because he hasn’t been trained not to bark at everything that goes by). Nice to know that no one will ever sneak up on us in this house. 06/29/10

3. So The Princess will be making a puppy birthday cake tomorrow. I have no idea what’s in a puppy birthday cake, but I envision a messy kitchen.

4. In an impulse grocery store purchase last night, I got these granola bars. Simply Eight. Supposed to just have only eight ingredients, so theoretically not all the garbage and chemicals and yuck. I was thinking, “FANTASTIC! I could use a little less yuck!” Well, FYI. The yuck is what holds a granola bar together. If you want a pile of crumbs, you should try these.

5. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that OH MY GOD CHRIS MANN MADE IT TO THE FINALS ON THE VOICE. I’ll stop yelling now. Seriously, so excited for him. The guy is so phenomenally talented and I’m excited to see what is in store for him career-wise. I’ll definitely be watching next week and cheering him on. As should you, because REALLY? He’s so good.

6. Two weeks from tomorrow I get on a plane (ACK) to go to Boston to spend the weekend walking 39.3 miles to fight breast cancer. I’m still a ways away from my goal, so please, if you have been thinking of supporting the cause and supporting me in this walk, go ahead and CLICK to donate to the Avon Walk. It’s an amazing cause, it’s an amazing experience. I cannot believe how quickly it’s approaching.

7. I scheduled an appointment for a hair cut tomorrow afternoon, thinking it was time for a change. Now? Can’t think of what to do with my hair. So, you know… I plan to leave the salon looking pretty much the same as when I walked in. I like having long hair – as much as I am tempted to chop it off, I don’t think I’m going to. Unless you can convince me by showing me pictures of great hair. Not too short. My hair is curly. I don’t want to puff up like a mushroom cloud or something.)

8. Do you know those days when you have a ton of things to do and then you eat too much yummy food at lunch and suddenly you’re in a food coma and you can’t figure out what to do next? Not me. I never have those days. Never. Not ever. Not even right now. Not a little bit.

9. I still haven’t started reading the book club choice of the month – though I showed it to the Princess and as I had anticipated, she seemed very interested in reading it. I think I may force myself to read this – that’s part of the point of book club – but, I accept that this isn’t really my cup of tea. I’m SO BAD AT BOOK CLUB.

10. I have gone through this list three times to make sure I counted right. One of these days, I will realize my fear of posting a nine-itemed Thursday Ten list.

Thursday Ten: Free Time WHUT edition

1. Time is flying and I feel like every moment is accounted for. That’s a bit of a twitchy feeling. Granted, I’ve always been one to fill time – I hate being still – but man, would I love for things to slow down just a little bit.

2. Thanks for your help last week – between people who read my post and my coworkers, over $300 was raised on Friday to fight breast cancer. Using, I selected a winner to receive a special gift from me. I’ve already notified Erica and I look forward to sending her something. If you still feel like you’d like to donate, you may do so right –> HERE <–

3. Was thrilled to see Chris Mann make it through the first round of live performances on The Voice. He’s wickedly talented and tremendously nice and every time he makes it through another round, it really does give me a bit of a feeling of genuine joy – because he deserves the attention he’s getting right now. Hope this is the boost he needs to go on to do fantastic things. (Crystal Bowersox doesn’t look amused, does she? Sorry, Crystal. Also, where is my mascara in this picture? See how I say that? Like I would otherwise look better in this picture!)

4.  Just downloaded… Alabama Shakes’ album “Boys and Girls”. What are you listening to?

5. I haven’t gone through all my pictures from a mini-vacay to Chicago last weekend (see above and that whole not enough time thing). But I kind of love this picture that The Princess caught of me jumping on the hotel bed.
sometimes i get ridiculous

6. My car had to go into the shop for a day yesterday and I ended up riding in to work with my mom. I was reminded how much a quiet commute is a good thing. I love my music and a cup of coffee on my drive in to work. Massive amounts of conversation? Meh, maybe later.

7. So, Tigers baseball opens today. Some people are happy about this, right? (Not me. I’m neutral. Baseball…meh.)

8. Sooooo… two pictures of myself in one Thursday Ten post? That’s a bit much. Sorry.

9. Finally sat down with the fam to watch “We Bought A Zoo” last weekend and you know what? I loved it. The kids haven’t mentioned it at all since – but I want to buy it now that it came out on DVD. And not just because of Matt Damon, either. It was REALLY a good movie.

10. Realized that in the midst of fundraising and gearing up for that aspect of the Avon Walk, I have completely neglected training to walk 40 miles! Uh…whoops? I guess I better get on that or those long days of walking are going to be a little interesting!

Five reasons to donate $5 to fight breast cancer

In my office today, many people are wearing jeans. Many people are wearing jeans in an office that does not have Jeans Day on Friday. Why are we bucking the tradition? Because they were awesome enough to allow people here to wear jeans with a donation of five bucks towards a breast cancer charity – either my favorite, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (to support me) or to any other organization, if they had one they preferred.

Can I just take a minute to say how AWESOME this is?

So, I thought I’d spread this around a bit – because chances are, you’re wearing jeans at work or at home today and you want to donate five bucks to fight breast cancer, that would be awesome. If you need a few more reasons… here’s FIVE.


1. Every three minutes there is a new diagnosis of invasive breast cancer.
That’s a lot. That’s too much. Within the past year, a family friend was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. She’s younger than me. Friends have had members of their family fighting the disease. There’s a tremendous advantage to awareness and early detection – but whoa if that number of people diagnosed isn’t staggering. It’s too many. It’s an awful disease that needs a cure.


2. Every 13 minutes a life is lost to breast cancer.
Early detection means more people are kicking this disease’s butt… but EVERY 13 MINUTES. Think about that number for a second. It’s devastating.


3. Early detection helps save lives.
The Avon Walk doesn’t just fund research. It funds programs to get treatment for those who are fighting the disease. BUT it also helps promote early detection. In 2011, outreach programs navigated more than 125,000 people into mammography screening and clinical breast exams in 2011 and reached a half million people with critical education and information (*source:


4. Because I’ve already walked nearly 120 miles to fight breast cancer.
And this year I’ll walk 39.3 more. And next year, another 39.3. I’ll keep walking because I believe the work I do fundraising, blogging about, tweeting about, talking about – it all makes a difference. Avon has a saying, “In it to end it.” And I am. I have friends fighting breast cancer. I have friends who are survivors. And I walk for them. But not just for them – I walk for my daughters, so they never have to fear a breast cancer diagnosis. I walk for your daughters. Your moms. Your sisters. Your friends. And not just the women, because you know? Men can get breast cancer too.


5. And if those reasons weren’t enough – you should donate because I’ll be sending something awesome to one randomly selected donor.
If you are more motivated by fun stuff (and sometimes, hey, fun stuff is a motivator) – I’ll be randomly selecting one person who has donated to me this week – be it a $5 donation or a $500 donation – and sending something cool. Something from me and my heart and outta my own pocket – because I appreciate your support and your love.

Click HERE to donate.  Your support makes a difference.

Join me in the fight against breast cancer.

Thursday Ten: Spring Fever edition

1. The kids in west Michigan are gearing up for spring break – but where’s MY spring break?! I really think there should be mandatory spring breaks for parents too. I mean, I guess you’d have to stagger it a bit – the whole world can’t stop working at once, but yeah. Spring break for EVERYONE!

2. I’ve mentioned Chris Mann once or twice around this here blog. Well, The Voice is getting ready to start its LIVE ROUNDS next Monday – that means Chris will be performing again (WHOOHOO!) and that we’ll get the opportunity to vote to keep him around. Watch him, love him, vote for him. Seriously, the guy is GOOD.

3. We’re having a fundraiser in my office tomorrow to raise funds for the Avon walk and other breast cancer charities, and I think I may do some cool things here as well. Stop by tomorrow. Really.

4. Apparently my bundt pan is too small. I saw an amazing recipe for a glazed lemon pound cake in Real Simple magazine. After about 20 minutes of cooking, I smelled something burning. When I peered in my oven I found all the batter had overflowed onto the bottom of my oven, burning up a big stink. Oy. Enough of it survived though even though it wasn’t a very pretty cake. I’ll buy a bigger bundt pan because I am DEFINITELY making it again. DELISH.
205 | 365

5. I wish I had cake. That cake went to my sister and brother-in-law along with some homemade ropa vieja, as the last dinner to be delivered to them post-baby. I had arranged for people to bring them dinners. Due to egos and people just being bananas, it went horribly afoul. Except my ropa vieja. That was good. And we’ve already established the delish-ness of the cake. (And my friend who gave them gift cards – that worked well too. But the mean people? That didn’t work).

6. As the weather warms up I start trying to eat in a more healthful way – most of the time it goes really well. Other times I start blogging about cake and end up diving face first into a bag of Everything-flavored Pretzel Crisps.

7. My March Madness brackets? A big ol mess. BOO to you Vanderbilt. And Duke. And the other team that I forgot about. Pfft. This is my worst showing in years.

8. Completely caved in to a fashion whim and bought brightly colored jeans for spring. I’m not often “on trend” – mostly because I just don’t care – but have found myself so drawn to these bright pants. Cute pinkishy-purpley skinny jeans from the Gap. Now where am I gonna wear ’em?

9. TicTacs as a food group – yes or no?

10. Right now, I’m reading The Paris Wife for book club. Wow, another great book club selection. It’s fiction, but based on Ernest Hemingway and his wife. Definitely enjoying it. What are you reading these days?

I Walk So My Daughters Won’t Have To

313 | 365The walk was nearly two weeks ago, and yet I haven’t fully blogged the experience – it’s difficult to come home from being away for so long and figure out just where to pick up and how to get entirely caught up. I spent the first week home feeling like I was trying to staple Jell-O to a tree – and now… I think I’ve got it all back together.


Here’s what you probably already know: This was my third year walking in the Avon Walk. We walked 39.3 miles over two days (however, this feels like a gross underestimation – there are “real miles” and there are “Avon miles”. An Avon mile always seems longer than an actual mile). Typically, the set up is walking a marathon on day 1 (26.2 miles) and a half marathon on day 2 (13.1) – given the set up in California, the mileage was slightly different each day – but the overall effect was the same.

This was my first year walking in San Francisco – I dreaded the hills. I didn’t actually like them much during the walk but eventually discovered that walking UP a hill beats the hell out of walking down. Seems contrary, right? However – when you walk down a hill, your toes hit the front of your shoes — that’s potential for pain, blisters and toenails falling off. No bueno.

Each member on our team raised at least $1,800. This is money that will be used to fund programs for research and treatment programs. The walkers in San Francisco raised over four million dollars – that’s a pretty good chunk of change going to a pretty awesome cause.

And it’s important to say that because I know that during and after the walk, sometimes… I complain. My feet hurt. Walking up hills hurt my butt muscles (What?). I tripped over the crack in the middle of a street when I was crossing it (who’s surprised?). My legs ached. I was tired when I was done.

Whine. Whine. Whine.

You know what?

All my complaints? They’re so small. As a sign said “Blisters Don’t Need Chemo”. I’m grateful for my health and my ability to walk and participate to fundraise for a cause so dear to my heart. Spending two days walking with people I love is a huge win – we’ve done the hard part already: We’ve raised the money to help fund some pretty amazing programs. I’ve said since my first walk, the fundraising is more difficult than the actual walking. In these really rough economic times, I understand that it’s hard for people to part with their money – and there are a lot of amazing causes and people needing help too. It’s hard to decide where to give your resources. I’m truly blessed that so many people supported me, my efforts and this cause I believe in. EVERY DOLLAR MATTERS, EVERY DOLLAR HELPS.

314 | 365

San Francisco is a breath-taking city and getting to see parts of it I might not see otherwise – well, that was phenomenal. Trust me when I say I would have never chosen to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge – nervous nelly, that’s me – but when I look at some of the pictures I took ON the bridge? Wow. I did it. I didn’t throw up while doing it. I didn’t fly off the bridge like a Yugo, either (shush. I was concerned.).

I’ve walked in Chicago twice – and I have to say San Francisco’s lack of rain and blistering heat made the walk so much more enjoyable.

And next year? Boston. I’ve never been there – and what better way to explore a new city than by walking around it? ALL around it.

Can’t wait.

To get a brief glimpse of what 39.3 looks like in SF, watch the video below.

Thursday Ten: It’s Almost the Puppiversary Edition

1. Puppiversary. I made that up. Yesterday signified a year to the day where we went to meet our little pupsadoodle. And tomorrow (or the next day) the one year anniversary of when we brought him home.

2. On a related note, “puppiversary” reminded me of the show Friends when Monica and Chandler had a “planeaversary” so I went looking on YouTube for that episode and found that there is someone who posts a lot of music montage videos with clips from Friends and while, sure, I liked the show Friends (enough to remember a “planaversary” reference), I certainly have never liked it enough to devote time to setting Monica and Chandler clips to music.

3. This past weekend, I was able to join Nate & J$, the awesomeness behind Love Drop, on their SIXTH LOVE DROP. We went to visit a family in Michigan and it was an amazing time. I love watching the Love Drop process – watching as people brainstorm, come together and work to make life a little easier for an individual or a family. To be a part of the process is pretty much a “drops in my bucket” kind of experience – getting to see how a little bit of love can go a long long way – it’s good for the heart.
good morning

4. It’s official: The Princess is the queen of making frosting. She made cupcakes yesterday, and the frosting? Light and fluffy like little sugar clouds. I need to take lessons from that kid.

5. Last night I ended up watching an episode of “Toddlers & Tiaras” and I have to say… whoa. Those poor little girls were competing for some title that had the word “centerfold” in it and I have to wonder to myself, as a parent, I don’t really think I want my daughter to be a centerfold… much less…compete to be one.

6. I want pizza. Like, now.

7. Just over a week until I walk 39.3 miles in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in San Francisco! I’m so excited! Also? A little freaked out. There are no hills to walk in the Chicago walk. In San Francisco there will be hills. Also… the Golden Gate Bridge. The camera-happy side of me is like, “YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF PICTURES I’LL GET?!” The bridge-phobic side of me is saying, “Duuuuuude. A bridge. I hope I don’t puke.”

8. I often pull subscription cards and makeup samples out of magazines – I recycle them or use them as bookmarks, as it annoys me to have these loose cards falling out of my magazines willy nilly. I just opened my book to see today that the card I was currently using as a bookmark was not, in fact, a subscription card but rather a sample of a pantiliner. Uh. Fabulous.

9. I took Pumpkin with me to the store today to pick out a hair color (I may not fill my wrinkles with Botox, but the few gray hairs I have really annoy me). I let her pick my color. I hope to not be sorry later.

10. I have just gotten off the phone. I’ve been talking to my dad for nearly 45 minutes. THAT IS A LONG TIME TO BE ON THE PHONE. TOO MUCH TIME. My ear hurts.

Thursday Ten: Sitting on the sofa eating bonbons edition

1. Um. No, not really – but nearly through my first week of work I have established some contract work with my former employer (Yes, I kind of anticipated that would happen – it’s a short term opportunity, but that’s okay), and I am in the process of designing some flyers for the whole “girl who takes pictures” thing – because with upcoming senior pictures and family pictures that hit in the summer – it’s prime time for my favorite kind of photography… PEOPLE!

2. Today is my last guitar lesson for the next few months –  I’m so sad! I’ll miss it – it’s funny how 30 minutes a week can be such a huge part of my week. One of the most joyful and FUN things I do, and I’ll miss it.

3. The end of the school year activities? Gettin’ INSANE. Field day, field trips, permission slips, five dollars here and there, pack a sack lunch, wear appropriate shoes, bring sunscreen, don’t bring glass, award programs, singing programs, make playdough, send in Michigan memorabilia – la la la. I can’t even begin to keep all of this straight and I have it written down in a few places. Today is field day and none of those little pieces of paper say WHAT TIME THE DARN THING STARTS.

4. We knew at the beginning of the year that there were peanut allergies in The Princess’s classroom so that we’d be unable to bake birthday cupcakes this year. Even if I make them completely nut free, there’s no guarantee that they weren’t cross contaminated by peanuts or peanut butter in my kitchen. Fine, I get that. So now I have to do store bought treats (Here kids! Have some lovely high fructose corn syrup! Happy day!). This morning, The Princess tells me, “Let’s buy those cupcakes at the store – those ones are okay – and so and so has a dairy allergy. We need to buy him a pack of Skittles.”

5. Speaking of The Princess – she ROCKED her gymnastics meet last weekend – two blue ribbons, two red. I’m very proud of her. Am amazed every time I see her compete – the confidence she radiates blows me away. Where did that come from? The amount she has progressed in the past year has been truly TRULY exciting to watch.

6. The other day, Pumpkin told me, “Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a paleontologist. And I want to own a wig store and call it Things For Your Head.” Never EVER a dull moment with that one.

7. Just over a month until the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in San Francisco! 39.3 miles over two days. I did a ten mile practice walk the other day – am I ready for San Francisco’s hills? Uh, that’d be a resounding NO. But I’ll do my best, as always. Not a whole lot of hilly terrain for practice around here! {Just $230 from my fundraising goal if you’d like to donate!}

8. I have thrown away several socks over the past few weeks. ALL of my socks are deciding to get a lil bit holey lately. Makes sense, when you figure I bought them all at the same time and YES I AM BLOGGING ABOUT SOCKS. Shush.

9. I bought new gerbera daisies today. I keep one on my desk, one on the window sill in the kitchen – I keep them in glass frappuccino bottles with the labels removed. It’s the right size for a bud vase. I think the next step of the project will be to find a way to collage these “vases” with some fun ribbon. [Give me a job, I’m contemplating doing arts & crafts]

10. No new music this week, but I still cannot recommend The Civil Wars “Barton Hollow” album enough. I love it so so muchly.

Thursday Ten: Game SEVEN Edition

1. Oh yes, I’d be remiss if I didn’t start out with the ohmygoshtheRedWingsandSharksplayGAMESEVENtonight! It’s been an intense series – I’m hoping Detroit emerges victorious. If they lose, that will suck. (I’m so eloquent about hockey.)

2. Wherefore art thou, spring? Currently, it’s 80 degrees. Humidity is 64% which is code for “Sarah is wearing a ponytail”.  The middle of the road seasons are my favorite – and I hope that things cool down and we get more of a taste of spring again before getting bombarded with all this stupid HEAT.

3. “This is the week you turn to your guitar to cheer you up when you feel like things aren’t going your way.” Or so says my guitar teacher, in a combination of trying to uplift me and probably wishful thinking because I didn’t even open my guitar case with the chaos of last week. Today, she threw Jack Johnson’s “Holes to Heaven” at me because she liked the riff.

4. Despite the ugly heat, I went for a run this afternoon and actually made decent time and didn’t feel like curling up in a ball in the gutter from exhaustion. TWO BIG THUMBS UP.

5. When I said the folks at LoveDrop had a fan for life – I really meant it. Even though the Love Drop for my lovely friend Katie is complete, I have stuck around because I really like what this group is doing. This month, the goal is to help a family in Louisiana. The goal? To get them a car. If you have connections in the automotive industry and can help them reach this goal, or even if you don’t and just want to see how you can help otherwise, please be sure to visit Love Drop and let ’em know.

6. I am sure that I have talked about them before – but my love for barbecue PopChips has been renewed. I ate an insane amount of them yesterday (NO, I’m not telling y’all how much chips I ate – but it was both a lot and too much all at once). I tweeted about them – that PopChips are like meth, but legal and cheaper. I thought for sure I’d get a tweet back from the lovely PopChips folks telling me to stop comparing their product to illegal controlled substances. Instead, they tweeted me back with the hashtag: #snackcrack. They know what they’re talking about.*

7. A while back, I wrote here about the book We Need to Talk About Kevin: A Novel. Today, I see that they have made a movie from this book – starring Tilda Swinton and it debuted at Cannes to good reviews. While I don’t often care for movie adaptations of books, I’d be curious to see this one. The book was horrifying and gripping and just… I just got goosebumps recalling it. I had to read this book in small doses – but it was tremendous. I hope the movie measures up.

8. As the school year comes closer to its end, the number of activities increases ten-fold: field days, field trips, and performances (Oh my!). Both girls have numerous events in the next several weeks – I’m gonna be one busy mom. Guess it’s a good thing I have a lil more free time right now, huh?

9. Speaking of school, earlier in the school year, I did a rude thing and I set up a filter in my email so that all emails from the PTA would skip my inbox altogether and go directly to a folder that I could review at my leisure. The reason being was that those PTA parents are email-happy – I was getting NUMEROUS emails daily (I’m not even ON THE PTA), and then all the replies to the emails. It was working quite well, until today. Today, my email is getting bombarded with “reply all” messages to the request for food for the staff appreciation luncheon (I’ll offer to bring cookies – y’all know I can’t cook).

10. The warm weather brings me the reminder that I probably do not drink enough water. I get on these hydration sprees regularly – and will consume massive amounts of water…for a few days before giving up. Today is a “guzzle lots of water” day. It’s also a “spend a lot of time thinking about how much you have to pee” day.

*No, I am not being paid or sponsored to talk about PopChips, though, hey, PopChip people… call me. You can pay me in PopChips. Really. I don’t need money, just chips. Lovely, savory, crunchy, salty, yummy barbecue chips. FOR LIFE. Nom nom nom.