Thursday Ten: Not So Silently Seething edition

1. Annoyance levels are running high, y’all. Between schmucky people being schmucky, work loads being heavy, allergies being stupid. people on Facebook being ignorant, well… Pfffffft. Not sure why it’s so complicated, getting people to act nice but y’all: Just. Act. Nice.

2. My toaster is broken and heating toaster waffles isn’t the same. It’s not very efficient either. How the heck did my toaster break?

3. I don’t care what YOU do, but you’ll never convince me to spiral up some zucchini and actually refer to it as noodles. It’s not noodles. It’s vegetables. Leave my carbs alone.

4. We’ve been on a roll trying a new restaurant every month. This month was Grand Rapids Brewing Company. Our visit coincided with the GR Grandwich competition so Chris and I both ordered the Peach Pitt – but since we were at a brewing company (and I don’t beer much!), I got a lemon thyme margarita. The sandwich? Yum. The margarita? Mine are better.
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5. We are smack in the middle of July. Summer is half over. And 2015 is more than half over. Time spins quickly. Too. Quickly.

6. I have started a blog for my retinitis pigmentosa whosie whatsit because it just seemed that all of my feelings related to it tend to be all icky and emotional and even though I’m still me – I have a hard time with bringing all of that here. Writing all that here. Perhaps it’s silly to look at this place as a haven when I’ve been through some other ugly stuff over the past nine and a half years (yeah) that I’ve been blogging – but… you know. That’s how it is.

7. We took an adventure this past weekend and went to see The Minions at a drive-in theater! I haven’t been to a drive in since I was a kid – I remember going with my family to see “Airplane!”. It was a fun adventure to put blankets out under the stars and watch a movie outside (the girls and I eventually went to sit in the car – the sound was better via the radio and the seats were comfier!).

8. I’ve never understood anxiety about dentists. Our family dentist is hilarious and calls each of us “homegirl.” Related: the girls have to go to the dentist today.

9. I realize that the fear is legit – I’m sure some of you who are scared of dentists aren’t scared of your eye doctors, so I feel ya.

10. There’s been so much rain this summer (boo) but more perfect weather days than any summer I can recall and at least one of those is a very good thing.

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