Thursday Ten: Thoughts Are A-Brewing edition

1. I’ve had a lot of post ideas in my head again – and yet I have not been able to put the proverbial pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) to get them out. I’m not just talking about “Was the dress gold and white or black and blue?” but actual real things that have been in my head lately – things related to work and life and the balance of the two and being a part of a larger conversation that seems to be taking place around me. It’s hard, sometimes, to write those things because I’m torn between the need to share my thoughts and be authentic and the need to not express anything that could be misconstrued and have real consequences. It is a fear when writing anything related to work and i try always to be very measured in how I express anything even remotely related.

2. It is possible to like your job and the people you work for and have bad days sometimes. That’s why I try to be very careful about venting on those difficult days – because one of those days when you’ve had conference calls out the wazoo and frustration could be misinterpreted. (Note: I do NOT love conference calls and you can’t make me.)

3. A trip to Chicago this weekend was a welcome breath of fresh (and glacially cold) air. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery though the toughest thing about going out of town was coming home. My girls were with their dad and coming home after work on Monday – to an empty house – after spending a weekend amongst friends was very tough. BUT CHICAGO! I love Chicago. Also, I managed to rack up my Fitbit steps in record time on Saturday afternoon, so there’s that.
270 | 365 - March 1, 2015

4. Now that it’s March (whoohoo!!), I’m even more eager for winter to get on its merry little way and mosey on out of here. I know better than to think that it’ll be spring any time soon – and even with temperatures in the 40s forecasted for next week, i know that this can’t possible be OVER yet. (I wish it were over.)

5. House of Cards season three. As much as I want to just binge and watch it start to finish, Chris and I stalled on episode three – mainly due to a combination of lack of time and travel exhaustion that made me fall asleep midway through episode three. Perhaps this weekend I’ll get caught up.

6. That sheepish moment when you have to text your hair stylist to let her know that you had someone else cut your hair and you really really hate it and that you’re sorry and NEVER AGAIN will you stray to someone else’s scissors. Sigh. I should have known better than to trust my curly layers to anyone else.

7.I miss really long walks in the sunshine. Really long walks without frostbite or snow. Without a coat and gloves and a hat. Spring. I need spring.

8. The thing about winter is that it is sucking the life out of me and making me older and wrinklier and more tired.

9. I really miss my kids when they’re not here. While it does allow for me to do things like to go to Chicago for the weekend, the thing is – I’m really used to having my daughters around me. And I like it. Even if they don’t like to clean. When they’re not here, there’s definitely a piece of me missing

10. I got a charley horse type thing in my foot last night. Darn near thirty minutes of not being able to unclench my foot. What a feeling. A not – good feeling.

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