Thursday Ten: Nothin’ Like a Blown Fuse and a Bad Lamp Edition

1. A fuse for my living room tripped the other day and no matter how many times I tried to re-set it, it kept shutting itself back down. Flash forward two days – a friend came by, poked around all the electrical outlets in my house and everything worked fine. Later that night, out it went again. To spare this from becoming a crazy long post about my stupid house, the culprit was a living room lamp that now resides in a pile of trash somewhere in west Michigan. Yes, the lamp kept throwing the power out. And now I need a new lamp.

2. I got a sample of Jamberry nail stickers and loved them. I ordered some and put them on my nails last night. It didn’t go as well. I think my nails may be too short for a Jamicure right now. (If you don’t know what they are – they’re nail decal stickery things. Basically because I can’t paint my nails without messing them up. Apparently I mess up stickers too.)

3. In a mission to take better care of myself, I’m exercising regularly again and (sigh) using the LoseIt app to count calories. I think perhaps it just may work. It’d work easier if people quit bringing yummy food into the office. I resisted both brownies AND doughnuts the other day.

4. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. Summer makes the weeks fly by so quickly. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s…less good.

5. You can tell the week has been busy by the number of times I take pictures of flowers.
298 | 365

6. My daughter’s gym emailed the other day to let me know of the price for this year’s competition leotard and apparently there’s been some sort of shortage in lycra trees or the spandex farmers are on strike because the leotard cost 26% more than last year (Oh yes, I did the math). And I’ll buy the damn leotard, but I really get irritated at stuff like this. Says the gym owner, “We try to take the cost into account when we select the suit.” Oh? Because there are gorgeous suits that cost a lot less. Same brand, same quality. Given that they recently hosted a slumber party for the gymnastics team, and then ASKED THEM ALL TO BRING CLEANING SUPPLIES FOR THE GYM, I’m on my guard when it comes to extra expenses.

7. I peeled off my Jamberry stickers while writing this post.

8. My dog has taken to sleeping on the floor at the foot of my bed. He likes me best. Probably because I buy the dog food.

9. After, I think, six beautiful and perfect spring weather days, gross summer weather is here with a vengeance. OH THIS HUMIDITY. The weather is doing not very nice things to my hair.

10. People who share awful news stories on Facebook – Why? I don’t want to see the abused dog. I don’t want to see the gross pictures. I don’t want to see video of people being abused. So… why are they sharing? Less gloom and doom, more pictures of puppies.

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  1. Completely agree about the horrible stuff people post on Facebook (and they never fact check it before posting it, which drives me insane).

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