Thursday Ten: Post Birthday Indigestion edition

1. Well The Princess is now twelve. We celebrated with family and it was low key and lovely and she’ll have her birthday party with friends at her dad’s house this weekend. I’m kind of bummed, in a way, that I’m missing her friends party, but then again – perhaps I’m not. I’m only bummed because I’m missing seeing my girls have fun. Beyond that? I remember one of her birthday parties – a friend pulled a cd off the shelf: “Is this what they used before iPods?” And then my head exploded. Anyway. Maybe I don’t mind missing that. But we had a good evening and my Princess was totally loved and showered with thoughtful gifts and kindnesses.

2. And it was in the low-70s yesterday! WHOOOOO! I’ve been struggling with this whole skipping-over of spring that we’d done. The 80 degree weather has been killing me. Yesterday, despite the threats of rain, it was actually pretty darn nice. Jeans and tee weather which is PERFECT.

3. Birthday celebrations with cake, three kinds of ice cream and pizza with “12” spelled out in pepperoni leads to antacid at midnight. Too much. All good, but all too much.

4. It appears I have a day in front of me on Saturday with not a single thing to do — so my plan? A two hour workout. My schedule has not been my own lately. Looking forward to sweat, good scenery and moving at my own pace.

5. That may or may not have been in part triggered by the pizza/cake/ice cream birthday binge. Gah.

6. When your daughter takes your camera (your backup!) and a rarely used lens to school for a presentation and then calls you sobbing because the lens is NO LONGER IN THE CAMERA BAG, you get bonus mom points if you can keep yourself together, not get upset and do what needs to be done. The good news? It wasn’t a lens that I use at all anyway. The even better news? Someone found the lens and turned it into the office. It’s funny, because y’all know me – I stress and wig out over the littlest things – but, it didn’t even phase me. Was more important to not have her crying on her birthday.

7. Pumpkin is coming down with a bug and she’s got a nasty cough and she’s losing her voice. I’m not entirely sure if it’s really a bug or if it’s allergies, but I feel so badly for her. Her poor little voice sounds so froggy.

8. Chris and I spent last weekend making a lot of really amazing meals. This weekend? I’m probably going to live off Golden Grahams and coffee. No plans to cook. None, whatsoever.

9. Last weekend we saw a bumper sticker. It said, simply: “OPINIONS.” It was probably the best bumper sticker ever. I wish I had taken a picture.

10. How is it Thursday already? Anyone else totally messed up from that three day weekend?

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