Thursday Ten: There Should Be No Negative Numbers In Weather Edition

1. So this polar vortex thing? Ooof. I’m glad the cold snap is finally breaking – with temperatures finally in the double digits and wind chills greater than zero (but still single digit so bite me winter, you’re still a cruel cruel monster) it is a vast improvement over the negative temps, -20° windchills we’d been experiencing. And the girls – set to return to school after a two week winter break – had snow day after snow day, making me wonder if they’d EVER go back. Temps too cold for salt to work on the roads so the roads were a mess. Just all around NO FUN. I’m not made for winter, I know I’m not.

2. After braving the cold temps and gross roads for work on Monday and Tuesday, I woke up yesterday after a night of very little sleep and excessive coughing and called in sick to work. Calling in sick to work is the worst. I have a super awesome phlegm-y cough, breathing feels funny, and I have a head full of snot – so, why do I feel bad about not sharing my germs with my colleagues? Weird.

3. So we tried the frozen bubble thing. I guess my big question is WHAT THE HECK DOES SHE MAKE HER BUBBLES OUT OF? For us, it went a lil something like this – I blow the bubble, catch it on the wand, hold it outside and shield it from the wind, hand the wand to a kid, grab my camera, try to shoot around kiddo’s hand shielding bubble to catch pic before the bubble pops. SIGH. Granted, this is subzero windchills and oh yeah, wind. So we’ll try again on a calmer day. Kind of cool to see things freeze, but totally different than the article.
130 | 365

4. My dog had a massive clogged oil gland on his back that he ended up scratching open so it became infected and smelly. Thaaaat’s fun. He’s on antibiotics now so here’s hoping I’m able to continue tricking him to eat big giant pills wrapped in lunch meat. Also? Dog pimples are high maintenance.

5. Chris and I watched Blackfish last week – and while I didn’t cry like a lot of people have said they did, it has made me question my acceptance of animals as entertainment. I love marine mammals – have been able to swim with the dolphins on more than one occasion and have seen several SeaWorld type whale shows. And yeah, I’ve always loved them. The documentary did make me reconsider my feelings about whether animals as entertainment is a practice I wish to support. I hate the circus – hate seeing how sad and worn out the animals look – why would the animals at a waterpark be different? They’re not, really.

6. I finished watching Parenthood on Netflix and now, as I promised myself, NOW is the time to read more books. Currently reading: Night Film: A Novel.

7. Like a lot of people, I’ve entered the new year wanting to focus more on my health. 2013 and its resulting stress wasn’t good for me – I gained a few pounds, I lost more than a few hours of sleep, and I’m sure the stress levels did a number on me. I’m really wanting to make an effort on eating more mindfully in the year ahead. We’ll see how it goes. Picked up a new issue of Cooking Light the other day and here’s hoping I come up with a few great recipes to try.

8. I’m sure you’ve all been awaiting the post where I tell you I’ve picked my word of the year. Hope you weren’t holding your breath! I wasn’t even really sure if I was going to pick one – 2012 was “Breathe” (so apt), 2013 was “Seek Joy” (I tried). But the year was a difficult one last year, and I wanted to just MOVE FORWARD in this new year. Dust off from the challenges 2013 threw my way. So… for 2014, I chose…phoenix. In Greek mythology, the phoenix rises from the ashes of its predecessor. Basically, the phoenix symbolizes renewal. Could I have chosen Rise? Renewal? Yeah. But I’m a weirdo.

9. I received a pasta maker for Christmas! I had taken a pasta making class before the holidays so my mom got me a pasta maker. In the class, pasta making seemed so incredibly easy, so I can’t wait to give it a whirl at home – 1/2 cup flour and an egg – that’s it. Seeing as how I desire to eat less GARBAGE, I love the idea of making things from scratch versus packaged food.

10. Still awaiting my nephew’s birth. ANY day now. My sister’s doc said that if the baby doesn’t make his debut in two weeks, they’ll induce. Sooo, I’ll be an aunt again in the next 14 days. Amazing. Can’t wait to meet him.

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  1. Love the phoenix idea. Perhaps I’ll start calling you Fawkes 🙂

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