Thursday Ten: Nephew Watch 2014 edition

1. My sister’s pregnancy is one weird neverending adventure. At her appointment yesterday, her doctor was ready to send her to the hospital to be induced. The hospital, on the other hand, said they had too many women having too many babies and NO. It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve heard — she’s really miserable and uncomfortable and measuring as though she’s 45 weeks pregnant. I am hoping to get to meet my nephew soon. We’ll see.

2. This past week of work has been difficult. As you’d expect, people are trying to get into the groove of doing the work they’ll be doing when I’m gone — and that means that I don’t have much work to do. I’m trying to keep busy by getting files in order and leaving detailed to-do lists, but frankly? I’m bored out of my tree. I’ve begged several people to just throw me some tasks. I could just spend all my time blogging, I suppose.

3. You know the weather has been too cold when you jump at the chance to fill your car with gas when you see the windchill is 1° because WHOOHOO IT’S ABOVE ZERO! HEAT WAVE! BREAK OUT THE BIKINIS!

4. Ha. LOL. Just kidding. No bikinis yet. Not just because OHMYGOD it’s cold but because oh my god it’s winter and I’m out of shape and what shade of pasty white am I?

5. Okay, this is also part of why no bikinis. Give a kid a snow day (or three) and she makes treats for her pregnant aunt and keeps the leftovers. The Princess made these yummy peanut buttery chocolatey parfait things the other day for my sister. Brought one home. Gasp. HEAVEN. So so so so good. Buuuuut not conducive to bathing suits. How did I get on the subject of bikinis, anyway? I’ve already forgotten.
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6. I think more people should post videos on Facebook of their children singing the songs from “Frozen.” (I need a sarcasm font.)

7. Trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other means networking and applying for jobs and trying to keep making things happen. I have a few interviews scheduled – and that feels good. Aside from the part where I actually have to GO on these interviews. Just keep your fingers permanently crossed for me until I tell y’all otherwise, mkay?

8. I watched the Grammys the other night and I was actually entertained by the performances. i stayed up far longer than I would have liked to waiting for the Macklemore “Same Love” performance (way to hang on to your ratings by promoting an on-air wedding…), which I really enjoyed until Madonna came out and stumbled all over her irrelevance. I was a huge Madonna fan back in the day, but now? I just don’t get her. Or that cane. Or the weird expressions her face was making.

9. I missed book club last night. In light of losing my job, the idea of sitting at a table with a bunch of women didn’t appeal to me (also not appealing: spending money sipping drinks while sitting around the table hoping no one did the “Oh, Poor Sarah with no job” head tilt). So I skipped it. And I’ll be skipping the book for this month too because it doesn’t appeal to me at all.

10. Waffles. I want waffles.

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