Thursday Ten: NO MORE LINES edition

1. Well, I hope there are no more lines. Thank you for bearing with me over the past week as I’ve blogged my frustration with the process of dealing with (whee!) a government agency. It was an exercise in learning to buck up and realize that though the situation isn’t ideal, it’s also just something I have to deal with because this too shall pass. I kept my ticket from waiting in line the other day, and I plan to keep it so that someday I can look back on this experience and realize that it was just another stepping stone in the journey of getting from where I was to where I need to be (wherever that may be).

2. I don’t even want to argue with people about what way to hang the toilet paper on the roll, let alone argue with them about anything even REMOTELY political but this government shut down is giving people an even bigger case of the stupids and they’re posting it all over Facebook.

3. I sure do love fall weather. My energy bill for September was considerably cheaper than August. No AC, no heat? YES PLEASE. Also? Days like this…
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4. ArtPrize is O-V-E-R again and I have to say… Whoa Grand Rapids, you picked a really lame winner. There’s a method to what resonates with the people of Grand Rapids, and while I’m grateful this year’s winner wasn’t made out of driftwood, I still…wasn’t impressed. As much as I love ArtPrize, I’m glad to have less congestion on the sidewalks and when driving around downtown.

5. Just under a week until I turn 37 and I can’t say that I’m aging very gracefully. I ranted excessively on Twitter this week about a patch of gray hair that seems to be expanding and it makes me crazy because for as much as I joke about being old, how can I possibly be old enough to have so many gray hairs (DON’T ANSWER THAT).

6. I had tacos twice this week (so far) – incidentally, from the same place both times. And one time they were really good and one time they were mediocre. And both times I thought their salsa was meh. It really is all about the salsa.

7. My cousin posted the other day that there’s just over 80 days left of 2013. Cannot believe it. In some ways, I am so ready to see this year go — but a lot of good came from this year, so I can’t give it too much hate. Still, I can’t help but be curious to see what’s in store for 2014.

8. Sometimes when I’m stressed I eat ramen noodles out of the package raw. Without cooking. Without the flavoring. Just crunchy noodles. That’s why sometimes you’ll find random extra ramen flavor packets in my cupboards. My kids think it’s nuts, but, carbs.

9. I want so badly to go on vacation somewhere very far from here, just to get a break from things. It’s not likely to happen so I watch a lot of television instead.

10. I don’t look forward to the cold weather but I’m kind of excited about comfort food. Roasts. Potatoes. More potatoes. Slow cooker meals. Heavenly. What’s your favorite fall meal?


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