Thursday Ten: I’m Meeeeeeeltiiiiing edition

1. So apparently the thing now is that we’re not supposed to complain about the weather. Apparently the thing is that now we complain about the people who complain about the weather. “You spend all winter saying it’s too cold and you spend all summer saying it’s too hot. If you don’t like it, just move!” I’ve seen variations of this all over the place – and from some of my favorite people – so I’m not giving hate, just gonna say this: some of us can’t move. Some of us landed where we are by circumstances out of our control and some of us will stay where we are because of  circumstances out of our control and sometimes that means that yeah, we’re going to bitch about the weather. By the way? A heat index of nearly 100? That’s TOO HOT.

2. The second week of working part time is over and it was a little less emotionally fraught as far as the whole “WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MYSELF” feeling – but that’s mainly because I have 101 things to do to distract me from the fact that there are two days this week I won’t be working or making money. I’ve got a busy day planned for today and tomorrow? Well, I should probably get all caught up on cleaning all of the things before the kids come home from their dad’s.

3. Nope. Still not entirely used to them being gone for a week at a time, but grateful that there’s time built in to that week that I can see them, and even additional time that’s managed to come my way when I wasn’t expecting to see them but did.

4. I’d hoped to paint my dining room and kitchen while they were gone – somehow it seemed a productive thing to do – but with this heat? No way. Hoping the heat wave abates soon so I can get that done.

5. A year ago this week, I had photographed several of these. I love black eyed susans – they’re just such a photogenic little flower. And it’s mind boggling, though it’s started and ended with these flowers, how different of a place I am in now than a year ago.
316 | 365

6. I have watched one episode of “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix and so far I’m not really getting the big fuss. I’ll watch another episode or two , but for now, I’m really not understanding why people say it’s so great? Are you watching it? What do you think?

7. Given this excessive heat, I’ve been having to change up the workout routine. Go outside to walk or run? Um. The air isn’t even moving, so why should I? Stay inside to do a workout with the Nike Training Club app? Well, no. It’s still too warm indoors. So, I’ve ventured over to my mom’s for the past two nights to walk laps in her pool. I feel like a little old lady, but for the first time this year, the water feels great (like bathwater!) and I get a workout without being miserable.

8. And I need to keep finding ways to work out because it’s not as easy to find time anymore. And I’m getting older. Bah. Having to work harder than I used to for the same result is just another of the many indignities of getting old. Boo.

9. My grandpa is hanging in there and doing as well as he can. My grandmother is having a hard time with knowing he’s not doing well and she’s acting out in ways that are truly obnoxious. It’s been hard, but we’re all doing the best we can.

10. Have I mentioned I’m going to be an aunt again BECAUSE I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN. My sister is due in January. I can’t wait.

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  1. Isn’t complaining about the weather a God-given human right? I’ll never stop, no matter where I live. I’m a pain in the ass that way. 🙂

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