Thursday Ten: There Are Some Things Worth Being Late For edition

1. I walked out of the door this morning, got into my car, drove about a half a mile down the road, touched my hair and realized that it’s humid as all get out today…and I forgot to put product in my hair. Yeah. I turned around, went back home and threw some anti-frizz stuff in. It’s early and the day is long and it’s just better for everyone this way. Trust me.

2. I saw this in Chicago. I love graffiti. I was kind of not great this year during the walk about taking pictures (oh, hello there rain). I had tucked my camera back into the pouch on my backpack and so I missed taking a picture of some other graffiti I saw – it read “Yes My Love” and I don’t know why it was there, but it makes me wonder, you know. You’ve got a marker, you’ve got paint, you’ve got something and you’re leaving your mark (albeit, probably illegally) – and you say “Life Takes Time” or “Yes My Love” and it makes me wonder why, but it makes me smile also. Reminds me of the whole “Seek Joy” thing. I don’t mind that there are people who write these unexpected things that make me smile. Yeah, for everyone one of them, there are twenty of them writing indecipherable or obscene stuff… but that stuff somehow never fully registers in my brain.
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3. I have been craving breakfast-y foods this week and I have yet to truly give in but oh, the number of times I have thought about french toast or some other carb-y delightful breakfast-y goodness. I suppose that this is where I mention that I’ve started to use the LoseIt app again and I’ve reduced the amount of fun things I’m eating. ANYWAY. For those who are able to partake of the yummy breakfast (or for me to give in to this weekend) here are some of my favorite recipes: Dutch Baby Pancakes, Overnight Caramel French Toast, or that yummy Crumb-Coated Nutella Stuffed French Toast. I’m not one who worships at the Church of Bacon, but those two french toast recipes are sweet and could use a little bacon.

4.In digging the archives for French toast recipes I found a post from when Pumpkin was two and apparently she was sick and she wasn’t a good sleeper then and she still isn’t all these years later. I imagine that when she’s twenty-something, she’ll be up late on whatever their version of the internet is complaining about not being able to sleep.

5. New single from The Civil Wars out this week.

6. Having felt so blah since returning from the Avon Walk (heeeeey, walking in the rain? Not that good for you), I’ve cut back on coffee by a lot and have been drinking tea instead. New love? Vanilla Rooibus tea (sans milk) from Starbucks. Yum. And I’m not even really a tea person. I miss coffee but… tea has helped a lot. Sipping lukewarm green tea as I type.

7. School’s out for summer. No summer “to do” list for our family – I see a lot of Summer Check Lists and ya know, I just don’t have it in me (or my wallet) to pull off some of those types of things. We’re gonna have fun when we can have fun and do what we can to enjoy it – and as much as I love a good list, I just can’t make myself do it.

8. I have yet to turn my AC on this season even though already there have been days where I’ve really wanted to. Buuuut when the furnace people came a few weeks ago (months? I don’t know. Time is a blur) they basically said, “Your AC is not going to make it through the summer; you need new motors.” Well, I am not ready to buy new motors, so… I’m babying the AC. And sweating profusely.

9. When I was with Toni at Camp Makearoo, she suggested I practice some gratitude practices to help muddle through the rough times and recommended the iPhone app Happier. Britt recommended the same app in a post yesterday. I’m kind of loving it – and it’s worth a peek, particularly if you’re having trouble with the whole glass half full thing, as I sometimes do.

10.  Tomorrow I get a manicure for the first time in I don’t know how long. I hope my cuticles are prepared to be beaten into submission because dang my hands look gross right now. Yay for taking the time to pamper myself (even if I should totally spend the money on motors for my AC/furnace).

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