Thursday Ten: Hockey Games On The West Coast Start Too Late edition

1. Hockey playoffs. RedWings had a game last night. It started as ten. I was half asleep before the game even started. UNACCEPTABLE NHL. You should plan everything around the Eastern Time Zone because…that’s where I am.

2. Last year, I made a dish called chicken chilequiles for Cinco de Mayo. I’m pretty sure neither of the girls would touch it. I actually don’t recall being very impressed with it, and I never made it again. This year, Cinco de Mayo was carnitas – an amazing recipe from Food Network mag that was both easy to make (heh. I say that, but, uh, I didn’t make them) and not at all spicy – you add all the spicy stuff, toppings, etc., later in the game – so you could control the spice factor of your tacos. (Oh, and there were margaritas)
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3. Leftover carnitas –> nachos? Yes.
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4. As we get closer to the end of the school year, we get closer to the increase in the number of activities taking place at the girls’ schools. Some during work hours, some not (that orientation for my soon-to-be middle schooler is coming up next week!). It’s hard to balance which ones I need to attend, which ones I can miss – where my kids most want my attendance. I can’t be everywhere at once – which is a bummer – but it mostly works out.

5. Mother’s Day is this weekend and I will be spending the weekend with my fabulous little people. My mother, on the other hand, is underwhelmed that the girls and I will be out of town on Mother’s Day, and has kinda started in with a bit of a guilt trip. I get it, I do. Some of us want to be celebrated by our children on Mother’s Day. This year, however, there is really no one making sure my kids make me cards – or even remember to utter the words. So I’m doing my best to celebrate the little family unit we have – and my mom will be celebrated (I’m waiting for USPS Priority Mail to deliver something she will oh-so-truly love). But I kinda want to focus under my roof first on the day, celebrating with my children because I am their mother.

6. Iron Man 3 – the good news is, you didn’t have to see 1 or 2 for it to make sense. Also? It was funnier than I expected. It was slow to get started, and it took me awhile to get into it, but it got better.

7. Last weekend was so tremendously wonderful that this whole week has seemed like a giant pile of suck in comparison. The good times just make me want good more often. The weeks are full of school chaos and work uncertainty that the weekends, especially the good ones — have been a sanity saver. It’s a reminder of what is good in my life amidst the stress.

8. My efforts to get the dog to let me balance food on his nose have been largely unsuccessful.

9. The Avon Walk is in just a few weeks. Gah. I have barely prepared. I didn’t even buy new shoes this year. I feel like it’s been sneaking up on me so quickly. Not sure how I’ll ever be ready. Guess I’ll get ready while I’m walking.

10. I have been drawn to the story of the three kidnapped girls in Ohio who have been found even though I REALLY hate the news cycle. I hate reporters blathering for hours on end when they don’t have anything to say. While I’m interested in the story, I still end up mostly avoiding it because I need to limit my exposure to negativity if I can help it.

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