Thursday Ten: Now With Less Teeth edition

1. Pumpkin has lost her second tooth. She hung on to that sucker as long as she could – she was downright fearful of it falling out, despite having just lost one on Christmas. But now, now… she is missing her two front teeth. It is adorable and cute and I am very curious to see what those big teeth of hers look like when they grow in.

2. Got some yucky bad work related news this week and so that’s…something. NOT how I wanted to start this new year, and I’m completely shaken by the bad news, but… crossing my fingers, hoping for the best.

3. Breaking Bad. Still addicted. Nightly ritual is curling up with Netflix and watching episode after episode until I can no longer keep my eyes open.

4. I wonder a lot about the saying “We aren’t given more than we can handle.” Because so often, I’m ready to cry out uncle, that I have had all I can handle. No more. I’m a tough cookie, this I know. I’d like to not have to be tough, though.

5. So, in trolling the internet, I found the coolest iPhone cases ever on Society6. SUPER cute. No more boring cases. There are some really funky styles here. Unfortunately, I’ll have to hold off on shopping for awhile. I’m sure that when I do go to look for a case, there will be even more to choose from. (I love that people are so creative!)

6. The kids easily adjusted to being back at school after two weeks of winter break.It’s kind of a relief to be back in a groove – they both get a little antsy, stir crazy with all that time off. Me too.

7. Sometimes I take pictures I love.
127 | 365

8. You know what’s traumatic? Getting a bad haircut. ALL THE TRAUMA. I’m gonna get my bad ‘do fixed this evening, but man, I wish people could admit, when asked, that they don’t know how to cut curly hair. Save me some agony. Have you ever cried over a haircut? It seems petty to admit, but… it’s a pretty awful haircut. I think you’d understand.

9. One of my least favorite mom things to do is pack lunches for school. Oh, I love to write the notes that go in with the lunches, but packing the lunches themselves? BLEH. This week Pumpkin requested Greek salad for her lunch. Since we had some left from a Kitchen through the Lens project (I’ll post it next week…), that’s what I packed. Seems a bizarre school lunch for a seven year old, but yeah.

10. Why is there no Jetsons-esque technology that eliminates the need for people to fold laundry? I have baskets full of stuff that needs folding and no motivation at ALL to get any of it done. So, wrinkles. And then: ironing. Flawed plan. I’d love to never fold clothes again.

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