Thursday Ten: So Hardly Daily Anymore edition

1. Yeah, pretty quickly I abandoned the daily writing. Maybe I’ll get back to it at some point – challenge myself again. Mostly, though, this week I feel like I have been chasing my tail. I blink and time has passed and I am running behind over and over again. I hate that feeling.

2. As I was walking yesterday, someone told me to take the squirrel’s picture. So I did. It was a rather cooperative squirrel. 096 | 365

3. Little by little I am getting my Christmas shopping done. It’s overwhelming this year – the expense and the stress of it – but I am determined to still make it joyous. My whole family is cutting Christmas back – we’ve even cancelled the big extended family part of Christmas day. I’m kind of upset by that, but with my grandpa’s health, everyone feels stressed out and off kilter. I do understand.

4. The Princess had an amazing first meet of the season. She medaled in all four events and placed 2nd in all around for her age group. To say I am impressed is an understatement and my kiddo? She was overjoyed. It was a good night and I was (and am!) so very proud of her.

5. Music of the week. Discovered Autolux on Monday and downloaded “Plantlife” – also some older Damien Rice because my library was woefully incomplete without it.

6. I went holiday shopping last night – not to purchase gifts, but rather to help my grandma and mom pick out gifts for me. Remember how I hate to tell people what I want for holidays? Now add to that TRYING ON CLOTHES. Excruciating. And then I went home, tucked the kids in and did the Shred.

7. After some unseasonable December warmth it’s getting cold out again. Boo. My fingers started turning white last night when I was driving and really really need to find my gloves again.

8. I don’t get enough sleep these days. Not good sleep, anyway. I’m getting tired of waking up at 5, looking at the clock and realizing I better fall asleep fast so I can get that one more hour of sleep. The bright side is that at least Pumpkin has been sleeping in. I’m waking up early but the kids are finally sleeping.

9. I finally started the mockups to hang my framed photos for my photo wall. Now all I need is a level, some nails and a lot more patience. Of course, I traced the frames on parchment paper and when I went to tape those to the wall with painters tape, the tape didn’t want to stick to the parchment (DUH) so who knows if they’ll still be hanging by the time I get my level and nails. Probably not. Oh well, at least the math is done.

10. After kicking my magazine habit for far longer than I thought I could, I gave up and bought the HGTV magazine and the Rachael Ray magazine (I love food magazines, even if I don’t know if the food will be good). I have to say though, I was intrigued by the candy cane vodka. Also, there was an article describing all the kinds of food I could process (and how!) with my food processor. If I wasn’t boycotting french fries, I could totally make some now.

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  1. I go in fits and starts with the “daily writing” thing. I struggle to find anything worthwhile to share if I write every day. On about the magazine thing, I’m kind of happy that Google haven’t rolled out their Magazine app to the UK, otherwise my tablet would be full of magazines I neither need, or have time to read :/

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