Thursday Ten: If It Has Wheels It Will Cause You Problems edition

1. Christmas day, the girls and I were just returning home from visiting my grandfather and The Princess stopped at the sound of air escaping my front passenger side tire. Within minutes it was flat. Booooo. That made it necessary for me to buy new tires (Merry Freaking Christmas) and for me to use my stepfather’s truck yesterday while said tires were getting purchased and put on my vehicle. Which leads me to…

2. Wouldn’t it figure that winter would start while I was driving someone else’s rear wheel drive, lightweight pickup truck? Last night’s drive home was INSANE and to be honest? I didn’t make it the whole way. After someone slid into the truck as I slid through an intersection (too slow, no damage, big sigh of relief), I pulled into a parking lot and cried and my hands shook, and then I was rescued and driven home and I am beyond grateful (and somehow I will return the favor as long as it doesn’t require snow-driving skills).

3. Back to Christmas, now, eh? It was good. I was surprised. Not just surprised that it was good – but surprised with lovely handmade gifts from my kids. Those are the best. In January, I’ll hang up the calendar Pumpkin made for me, and it will make me smile all year. Love.
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4. That my daughters and niece were wearing matching Hanna Andersson jammies on Christmas was fun too. Yeah, I always make my daughters match – but to include my niece in the fun was tremendously cute. The girls all seemed to love their pj’s and they were soft and fit well. Also? ADORABLE.

5. The folks at P&G sent me some Tide To Go Stain Erasers to try out and review and I had waited a LONG while for someone to spill something. Finally, at our cookie decorating party several girls spilled icing on their clothes.  I was pretty excited to give these things a whirl (“Oh! You spilled? YAY!”). And you know what? They really REALLY work. Easy to toss in your purse or bag or the console of your car, and worth it. [Opinion is my own, but I did receive these little doohickeys for free. I’d buy ’em, though. Because they work and I know a lot of people who spill.]

6. I have a bookstore gift card that I’m eager to use – what was your favorite book of 2012 (aside from “Gone Girl”, which I loved also)?

7. Just a few more days of 2012 – can I get a WHOOOHOOOOOOOO!? I hate hate hate to wish time away, but man…this year. Guh. It may be unreasonable to assume that the new year will be better, but that’s exactly what I’m gonna do: Assume the new year will be better. It will be.

8. My word of the year for 2012, by the way, was BREATHE. And I have to say, I think I was on target in the choosing of my word. I have yet to decide what 2013’s word should be. What’s YOUR word?
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9. I shoveled my own driveway last night. I feel my arm and shoulder muscles getting more awesome with every second (If there is a plus side to this weather it is the awesome arms I will get from shoveling, which is good. I like to wear sleeveless shirts).

10. Out of nowhere I just got “Wind Beneath My Wings” stuck in my head. I don’t know how. And I CANNOT GET IT OUT.

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  1. We seem to have escaped the snow and ice this year – instead we have persistent rain, and flooding everywhere. Glad you are ok after the car accident.

    My favourite book of 2012 was “Ready Player One”, by quite some distance.

  2. Glad you are safe and sound! Scary stuff !

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