Thursday Ten: Christmas is…Almost here? Edition

1. Christmas is less than a week away and if I could some how push it further away to give myself more time, I would. Have I finished shopping? Nope. Wrapping presents? Not even close. Guh. This is so unlike me.

2. I spent yesterday with elementary school kids singing Christmas carols and handing out popcorn and watching them meet Santa and it brought me such a goofy amount of joy that for a moment I joked that my heart had grown two sizes and my Grinch-ness was wearing off. And then I drove home behind someone driving so slow that I actually shouted, “WHY ARE YOU GOING THE SPEED LIMIT RIGHT NOW!? WHAT THE )#@)*(T) IS EVEN WRONG WITH YOU?!” Uh. So much for that.

3. My friend Nate, of Love Drop, has a new venture now – Take Our Stuff. This time, they’re giving away a heart that one of the Love Drop families made. I kinda wanna win it. Nate said if I post a link in this here blog, I can have a few more chances to win. I have such amazing memories of my time with Love Drop and meeting the families and working with the team, that this one means a lot to me. So click over to Take Our Stuff. Sign up even. But don’t try to win this one because I really want it. Please and thank you.

4. Adam Cohen’s “What Other Guy” is one of my favorite songs these days.

5. Tonight is the first night this week that is NOT occupied with some activity or other. What a tremendous relief. I get a little tired of having my schedule dictated by everyone else sometimes.

6. Pumpkin has three loose teeth, one so wiggly that it’s creating this funny little gap in her perfect smile. We’re hoping it falls out before Christmas. She didn’t get her first tooth until the day after her first birthday, and she’s one of the only kids in her class yet to lose a tooth.

7. I got to watch my niece take several steps in a row last weekend – she’s 9 months old. I texted video to my sister who was at a wedding who promptly texted back that she was in tears because she’d never seen her baby walk that fair. Whoops. Damn. Bad Aunt Sarah. She’s since seen her kiddo take more than three steps so all is well again.

8. I like reflected pictures of beverages. I do.

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9. There’s a four day weekend coming up. THAT may just be the best part of Christmas. I’m going to miss having my girls around Christmas Eve day to bake with me, though, and so I’m trying to find light in the holiday weekend anyway. I’ll still make monkey bread, like I always do. And I’ll enjoy a four day weekend. But it’s gonna be a different kinda weekend.

10. Apparently snow is coming. Dammit.

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  1. It’s funny – looking back – at the perfect smiles our kids had before their teeth entered the “broken battlements” stage. It’s been amazing to watch their new smiles take shape – for a couple of years our eldest was all elbows and teeth, but she’s finally emerging into a pretty young lady… it’s amazing how that happens.

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