Kitchen Through The Lens: Cinnamon Bread

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I haven’t posted one of these cooking projects in a long time and in fact… I, uh… made this a few weeks ago thinking I’d post it shortly after making it and then you know what? Life happened.

Ridiculous, right?

Holidays make everything chaotic and crazy and busy in all of the best and worst ways, and so I had these cinnamon bread stories to tell you and then… I didn’t.

Now I am.

(No, it’s probably not worth the wait, but hello anyway)

Cinnamon bread is ridiculously easy. When I added it to my list, I think I was thinking of more of a cinnamon swirl type thing – which would be excellent for french toast – but this was good… and because it was so easy, I’m pretty likely to make it again.

batter is gooey

Basically, add ingredients, mix, pour in a pan, add stuff to make the top all pretty.


Serve with coffee on a cold Sunday morning and instantly feel better about life.

There’s really no substitute for the way your house smells when cinnamon is baking.


See. I told you this post wasn’t really worth waiting for.
But the bread is still good.

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  1. Hi Sarah

    I made this yesterday day and it was yummy! Then this morning we used it for french toast! Thanks for the idea for a simple yummy breakfast!

    Love reading your blog – thanks again.

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