It feels weird not to write

I feel like I should be writing.
I guess that is what thirty days of writing leads to – this habit that this is a space I should be filling, time I should be spending and maybe a bit more often than I have been to date.

We’ll see.


Last night a friend of mine came over for dinner. We sat down and our daughters played and she and I caught up on life and we talked about my tendency to not speak up, my tendency to stuff emotions rather than talk about them. The topic originated from the subject of passive aggressive Facebook status messages (Note: Don’t do that). I am still not entirely that great at saying what I’m thinking but if I have something to say, I would rather say it then post it on Facebook. If I believe it will be productive, I am really making an effort to “put it out there”.

No, I wasn’t always that way. To a great degree, I wasn’t. I hate conflict. I hate making waves.

But, chattering around on Facebook passive aggressively never makes me think, “WHOA, that person has really got their stuff together.”

Quite the contrary.

My point is. Well. I don’t know. Just… don’t do that. If you won’t, I won’t.


Gymnastics meets start today and this will be the first with The Princess at a higher level than she’s been. I don’t know how different the process or the judging will be, but I hope that she still has a good time. I hope that I can ignore the fact that her floor routine music is an instrumental version of “Pumped Up Kicks.”


I have a million television channels. Why isn’t anything ever on? It is my plan to get rid of cable someday soon and it’s a huge leap because I’m afraid I’ll miss it until I remember that I flipped through the guide three times before settling on an edited-for-television version of a movie that I already own on DVD. Why do I have cable again? (Why do I pay what I pay for cable again?)


Thank god it’s December


This has been a post. A pointless one. I just… couldn’t not write.

I may take a day off at some point, you know. It could happen. I do what I want.


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