Day 5: Great New Children’s Books Just in Time for the Holidays

Admittedly, one of my favorite things about being a blogger is occasionally getting the opportunity to review things that are actually relevant for me and my children. That I have been getting so many amazing children’s books in the mail to check out lately has been a joy – because I have never stopped loving children’s books – and frankly they’re the only kind of books I have found time for lately.

The girls and I have a method for book reviews – I read through everything first… then? I let them check out the books. This list of our favorites was made by the three of us after going through an amazingly plentiful pile of books received in the past several months. The other books? For the most part – still pretty amazing. These, however, are our favorites.

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs: As Retold by Mo Willems

If you have kids and you haven’t discovered the wonder that is Mo Willems then get thee to your bookstore or library (or Amazon!) pronto. I dig his style – from Snufflebunny to the Pigeon series. This retelling of the Goldilocks story did NOT disappoint. Instead of visiting the house of three bears, Goldilocks trespasses into the home of three dinosaurs. Hilarity ensues. It’s a good one and the girls and I giggle every time we read it. The book is recommended “For Dinosaur Ages Triassic to Jurassic” – both of my daughters love it, and I do too – so you be the judge.

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

Y’all are familiar with The Pioneer Woman, right? Well, Ree Drummond is now writing kid’s books, including this one that stole Pumpkin’s heart – probably because it’s about a dog. This book spurred a discussion with my mom’s husband about kid lit and the power illustrations have to make or break a good book. While the story here isn’t particularly special (in my opinion – my daughter would argue otherwise), the illustrations are warm and really steal the show. For the animal loving kid in your life, this is a fun addition to their library.

Fancy Nancy: The Wonderful World of Fancy Nancy

Okay, remember when I just said that illustrations could make or break a children’s book? The Fancy Nancy series is one that I really believe could stand alone on its merits story-wise, but the illustrations, the bright colors and the fun font used for the story all just make it even better. Nancy is a little girl who likes to be “fancy” and this box set contains four books from the Fancy Nancy series (our set is paperback). Not only are the stories fun, but Nancy is genuinely likeable and the “fancy” vocabulary your kids will pick up along the way make these darling books a real treat to read with your kids.


My Brave Year of Firsts: Tries, Sighs, and High Fives

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Jamie Lee Curtis as an author but she keeps writing books and people keep buying them and I can almost forgive her for being in those weird yogurt commercials (sorry about your digestive system, Jamie Lee). This book is fun and bright and the rhyming is cute and fun and easy to read. Overall, it’s pretty relatable for kids – even down to the first time you laugh so hard milk comes out of your nose (that HURTS, y’all). This sweet book is a lovely reminder to parents about all of those firsts we may have forgotten – first time walking around the block, anyone? (The kids will dig it too.)


These books were review copies and sent for review purposes but my opinion and that of my kiddos is solely our own. AND BOY DO WE HAVE OPINIONS.

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  1. The Pigeon books are some of my absolute favorites. We also (being a family that includes girls) adore Fancy Nancy. BabyGirl even has a Fancy Nancy doll her uncle gave her for Christmas a few years back.

    My 2 new favorites are Memoirs of a Goldfish ( and Pink by Nan Gregory (

    Memoirs of a Goldfish has wonderful illustrations & a truly funny story.

    Pink is beautifully written and unexpected.

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