Day 19: On lightening the mood

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For the love of puppies, Sarah, not every day has to be full of deep thought and angst words.

After a week of chaos and unsettled mood and moments of heavy heartedness, I had an opportunity to lighten my mood over the weekend. Do you know what a relief it is to have moments to catch your breath when you’ve been living in the mode of waiting for the other shoe to drop?


Last night, I stood at my kitchen counter eating salted caramel gelato out of the container, savoring the sweet taste on my tongue. I thought of running a bath, of turning in early, of maybe reading a few pages of a book. For a change, I felt exhausted from the fullness of time well spent versus the exhaustion of living in stress-mode.

I could get used to that.

My grandfather has a long way to go and visiting him is extremely difficult and gut-wrenching but? I see progress. I have to believe it’s a good sign that the rehabilitation efforts are so extensive – it means that his medical team believes he is capable of recovering, at least somewhat. That reassures me.

I edited photographs from a portrait session – over three dozen images that I am pretty pleased with. Tremendously happy.

And things got better from there. Saturday evening was wonderful. Sunday was the way Sundays should be: full of sunshine with a slowed down pace and time spent with people who make you smile.

It’s not all stress, tears and frustration up in here, y’all.

I promise.

I write about the tough stuff to process it, exorcise it, think it through, release it from my brain. I write about it because it’s what I know these days. I write about it because this write every day for a whole month idea was a spectacularly dumb one and if I had known the ride November would take me on, I surely would not have pursued it.

But that’s life, you know? It’s a cyclical whacky experience. And there are going to be days that are good and there are days that aren’t and if you just wait long enough a good one will roll your way again.

I think.

I know nothing for sure about that.

What I do know is that this weekend there were moments I laughed really hard. I ate good food. I slept peacefully. I saw lovely faces. My grandfather called me “precious.” Hugs. All of the hugs.

Today begins a new week. Thanksgiving week. I have so much to be thankful for – and I assure you I am fully aware of that…even when it seems I’m not.

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