Wherein I totally forget what day it is

I thought it was Wednesday just now. Just now I was thinking, It’s Wednesday, tomorrow is Thursday and I’m gonna have to come up with ten things for Thursday and what has even happened this week that I want to blog about and really, is it gross if I tell people about the note on the vending machine I saw today, the one that said that the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were expired and would result in ‘a nasty side effect’? Because that’s gross and I can’t even imagine leaving a post-it note like that and how can you REALLY know it was the candy’s fault, anyway?

But it just so happens that today is Tuesday, not Wednesday.

And tomorrow is Wednesday, not Thursday.

And I’ll get it together by then so I won’t have to talk to you about people and their undesired Peanut Butter Cup side effects.


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