Thursday Ten: I Saw Snow Yesterday edition

1. I saw snow yesterday and that is some ridiculousness because hello? It’s only October and even though Michigan is not necessarily known for having stable weather conditions EVER, it’s still far too early for the frozen stuff. (Knock it off, Mother Nature)

2. Tis the season for gymnastics competitions to start – well, soon anyway. Two aggressively worded emails from the owner of the gym last night and one cranky over tired gymnast at the tail end of a four hour practice session and I was feeling NO LOVE for gymnastics yesterday. Is today any different? I dunno. Ultimately, The Princess loves gymnastics. I think the schedule sucks for her right now (four hours of practice immediately following a full day of school? Recipe for cranky pants), and thus it sucks for me… but I think when all is said and done, it brings her more joy than grumpiness so, in she stays.

3. Oh the things I see when I’m out walking.
040 | 365

4. I was going to take the week off from Kitchen Through the Lens and then changed my mind. Not only did I change my mind – I’ve already decided what I’m making next week. Sometimes I am so ahead of the game that I impress even myself.

5. The girls and I spent this past weekend in the Chicago area visiting some friends of mine as well as cheering on runners in Saturday’s Chicago Marathon. What fun we had. The car ride was probably the least fun part of that equation, but beyond that? The kids had a great time playing with new friends and we visited a fun farmers market and there were s’mores made with peanut butter cups and it was a fun time.  Also: I remain in awe of marathoners. To RUN for 26.2 miles? I can’t even wrap my head around it. Really amazing to see.

6. I’m getting sick. I’m not happy about that. Alternating cups of tea with cups of hot water, lemon and honey and wishing for sleep.

7. ArtPrize is over for the year and a piece I had basically walked right by with only a slight glance was the winner. Granted, I didn’t like last year’s winner either – but this year, I felt very detached from the whole event and felt that overall the quality of entries was, if not lacking, then just… different enough that nothing resonated with me. Not even the elephants that won. That’s okay. I think, though, that I may challenge myself to enter a photograph in next year’s ArtPrize because, hell, at least it’s not another crappy exhibit made with driftwood.

8. Speaking of entering a photograph in ArtPrize – that may need to go on my 40 before 40 list. I don’t really want to call it a bucket list – but I’ll be 40 in just over 4 years, and I think I want to create a list of things to do before then. LIIIIIIIKE…. ride a Zamboni, for example. (Really. I don’t know why. BUT YES.)

9. During that ride to Chicago last weekend, the iOS 6 maps function took me on an tremendously convoluted route to where I was going. Probably added an hour to the trip. My friends recommended the Waze app – which is free – and I’m kind of a fan. Not only does it give you turn by turn directions, but other Waze users are constantly updating it – so if there’s an accident or a police officer up ahead, it tells you that too. What can I say? I’m easily amused.

10. As a treat to myself recently, I signed up for Birchbox. Not because I needed to or because I was itching to spend more money – but because it seems like a really cool thing. Also, ten bucks a month to get fun surprise pamper-y stuff in the mail, probably worth it these days. In this time of stress and chaos, I look forward to having something to look forward to. (October’s box should be here soon – should be interesting to see what’s in it)

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