Thursday Ten: Day Old Soup edition

1. So that tortilla soup I made the other night? When I didn’t read the recipe and was all eating soup at 10:30 p.m.? It was even better when I took some leftovers to work yesterday. And it even passed the smell test – my coworkers all said how good my soup smelled versus that gagging noise we make when someone has microwaved something yucky.

2. ArtPrize this year has been somewhat of a disappointment. Yes, I said it. I still have a lot to see and do and experience but so far, there have been no pieces that have moved me as in years past. And maybe that sounds ridiculous, but… when I think of previous ArtPrize years, there has ALWAYS been a piece each year that has really resonated with me for one reason or another. This year… it hasn’t happened yet.
Bridging Humanity - Edward Casagrande

3. Like this piece from 2010? I loved this so much.

4. New music this week? “Coexist” by the xx, annnnnnd as I was flipping through channels the other night, I left The Voice on (even though no Chris Mann this season) and heard someone singing “Sara Smile”. Since I was named for the song, yeah, I downloaded it.

5. In an effort to curb my expensive cappuccino habit, I’ve decided to start drinking office coffee most days. It is cost effective, yes. But oy. Not good.

6. I haven’t been to book club in so long I have no idea what they’re reading anymore. I kind of miss the fact that I had an excuse to buy a new book each month – but… I just can’t get there anymore. I guess I can read cereal boxes.

7. I cleaned the kitchen out of frustration the other day. Seemed the best way to deal with stress. Scrubbed it top to bottom. Came home the next day to The Princess making me cookies – the kitchen was trashed… but there were cookies. Tradeoffs, y’know?

8. I’ve been getting mail the past few days that says only “It’s Coming!” Uh… I’m not sure what’s coming but there are smiley faces so I will trust that it’s something good. My friends are lovely and tricky.

9. I’ve been getting rid of CDs that I purchased that only had one or two good songs on them. I don’t have the room for more STUFF I don’t need. Clutter is so tiring. I’ve ripped the one or two good songs from each disk to iTunes – and that’s why I ended up listening to “Oops! I Did It Again” last night.

10. Unintentional way to speed up running pace: Take a hyperactive labradoodle. Dang. That was rough.

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