Through the Kitchen Lens: Savory Biscotti

Cheddar Parmesan Biscotti in soup

I love biscotti. Those crunchy, faintly sweet cookies are perfect for dunking in coffee or nibbling on for a slight sweets craving. I’ve made several sweeter versions: vanilla almond, some kind with coconut, and even the double double chocolate chocolate biscotti I’ve posted before.

But, I keep ripping out recipes for a savory biscotti.

Like the sweet is the perfect complement for coffee, wouldn’t savory just be a great replacement to bread with soup?

Enter: Cheddar Parmesan Biscotti, a recipe I pulled out of Cooking Light YEARS AGO and never made.

With the weather turning colder, I figured I’d try now. And then it got to the mid-seventies in temp and I thought to myself, Self? You’re making soup…TODAY? That’s not bright.

Biscotti is actually pretty easy to make. That’s the awesome thing – they taste and look like they might be a lot of work, but really? So easy. And if you don’t love baking, it’s kind of neat to make something that looks way more impressive than the amount of effort it takes.

Throw the dry ingredients into the mixing bowl


Oooh. Cheese. Extra sharp cheddar and fresh grated parmesan.

In my opinion? Not enough cheese for this recipe. I expected a stronger flavor and… not so much.

Then again, I tweaked this recipe. I cut out the sun dried tomatoes and basil  – thinking that wouldn’t be right with the soup I had selected.

Sometimes I’m not smart.


Liquid ingredients

Eggs, milk, olive oil. I didn’t show the oil in the picture. You know why? Oil isn’t pretty. Oil is oil.

Shape the dough into two logs. It certainly doesn't look yummy right now.

Baked once, and ready to be sliced and baked again.

Ready to bake again

The word biscotti actually refers to how they are cooked – twice baked. Once you pull the dough logs out of the oven and they cool slightly, you’ll slice them, tip ’em on their side and bake again. Seems a pain in the hiney, but… not really. You’ll be fine. It’s easy.


The girls didn’t like these very much. I’m kind of neutral about them. Like I said, with the tweaks I made to this recipe, it could very well be my fault that these were so boring.

But they were really boring.

And not nearly savory enough.

If you want to try them without monkeying with the recipe, I’d love to hear how it goes.

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