Kitchen Through the Lens: Burgers

Way to be unphotogenic, burger.

I guess I feel like I should preface this with an explanation. I mean, how can a woman be thirty-some years old and NEVER have made a burger? Seems a bit ridiculous and slightly unbelievable. BUT IT’S TRUE.

You see, for about ten years I was on a burger hiatus. No real reason. I didn’t follow a vegetarian diet. I prepared other meals with ground beef (not all good meals. This is me we’re talking about). I even made various other burger-y things (I think meatloaf is just a burger in a pan and meatballs are just…burger spheres? I don’t know. Anyway…). It wasn’t until last year in June on a LoveDrop trip on the other side of the state that we all stopped for burgers after gifting the awesome family with lots of amazing things.

It was my first in over a decade.

And it was good.

I even Instagrammed a picture of it. It was that good.

Since then, I have occasionally craved a burger. I have deliberately gone to restaurants for the purpose of consuming a burger.

But… never made one.

So, last night I googled some recipes. Yeah. Recipes.

The thing is, the burger I grew up with was just a round hockey puck of meat. Ugh. I mean, that’s all fine and good but… I don’t like ’em like that.

And there are a LOT of ways to make a burger – I even found a recipe that incorporated chopped basil into the meat (and while I love me some basil, I skipped that route).

Some minced garlic and some salt and pepper is what I decided to do. I threw them on the grill pan because I don’t really know how the barbecue grill works. They’d have been better on the grill, I think. But, such is life.

And the result was some of the most delicious, UGLIEST burgers ever (see above).

Being a burger newbie, I also kinda made them small (I could say I meant to do that and call ’em sliders, but I didn’t really mean to do that. I just don’t know what the heck I’m doing).

I added some sliced onion and some mustard and called it good (yeah, garlic AND onions). The Princess had me add cheese to hers and Pumpkin slathered her in a gruesome amount of ketchup.

And we were happy.

Next week, I will make something prettier. I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of raw meat because…yuck.

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