Thursday Ten: You Can Share Now edition

1. My friend, Erica, mentioned the other day that I hadn’t enabled any functionality to share my posts (Isn’t everybody already reading already?). She then swooped in and got me all set up nicely – she’s a kickass WordPress guru and hey, now you can share my stuff if you want to. I suppose that means I should try to be interesting now.

2. For those who stopped by and commented on my photography post the other day… thank you! I love how many of my favorite people are also such visual and creative beings. I wouldn’t trade my creativity for the ability to calculate a waiter’s tip without using a calculator. Give me my right-brain any day.

3. Musically, this week I had more than one person talking about St. Vincent – so I’ve downloaded some of her stuff. But really, I’ve still been listening to a lot of Alabama Shakes. This is “Be Mine”, though if you want to listen to more, I also really love “Hold On”.

4. My sister is now working in the same building where I work. I was able to meet her for lunch yesterday and it was kind of a nice diversion in the middle of the work day. Lately, we never seem to be able to catch up without kids all over the place – so we walked and talked for 30 minutes on our way to and from lunch. It was a good thing – and it’s something I hope we do more frequently.

5. This past weekend, I had my friend take photos of me and my daughters. I’ve never had a formal portrait done of the three of us and I’m kind of eager to see how they came out. The cobblers kids have no shoes, the photographer has no pictures of herself with her kids. Changing that.

6. I’ve decided to do a new project to incorporate my lack of cooking skills with my desire to improve my food photography skills – by making a new food/dessert/beverage each week for 50 weeks, and TAKING PICTURES OF THE PROCESS AND END RESULT. My list so far has 40 items – including: potstickers, a burger (never made one. Shut up), homemade salsa, cream puffs, and lemon pasta. I need TEN more items. What should I make? I am actually not sure if I’m more excited about expanding my cooking repertoire or flexing some photography muscles (or both?), but I think it will be a fun thing to do and really will force me to step outside of my comfort zone a bit on occasion.

7. Today I have lunch plans that include tacos and dinner plans that don’t include cooking (as well as seeing a friend I haven’t seen in ages). Thursday is pretty amazing for my belly. Oh, and I won’t be working out. So… uh, Friday, double cardio?

8. Gymnastics strikes again. During Monday’s four hour practice (FOUR! HOURS!), The Princess injured her shoulder doing a back walkover. There was no bruising and she appeared to have full range of motion despite extreme discomfort with some movements. With ice and ibuprofen, the pain seems to be lessening, but if it doesn’t continue on this path to healing she’ll have to go to the doc. I have to admit, these gymnastics injuries freak me out a bit – not that there’s been anything severe, but the potential is there. Her former coach, barely 20 years old, has already had hip surgery. Chew on that, would ya? A little scary.

9. Because this post needs a picture. Sometimes you accidentally shut the garage door on a doll’s head. Clearly when I shot this, I knew both of my children were safe in my car… and then when I realized that the doll didn’t quite make her way to safety I had to take a picture (and then I rescued her). My caption when I posted this was: “I always make sure my kids are out of the way. I don’t always check on their toys.” Sorry, doll.

10. The Princess was flipping through the channels last night (I haven’t mentioned Pumpkin this week, but she’s been around, I promise!) and stopped at “Toddlers & Tiaras”. This is her new obsession, I guess, which I’m not sure is any better or worse than Cupcake Wars. I watched her watching incredulously and I turned to her and said, “Aren’t you so SO glad I never did this to you?” She replied, “Well, you could’ve given me a tiara, but NO WAY would I want to be in one of those pageants.” Later, as we were watching a four year old with a stripper pole in her room being told by her coach to do a “booty pop”, I turned to her and said, “You can rest assured that booty pop are two words you’re NEVER gonna be hearing from me.” I think I saw a little flicker of relief.

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  1. You should make something with layers, like a trifle or a layered salad, something with color. That would fun to photograph. We had an appetizer last week in Portland that was avocado on the bottom, lump crab in the middle, and mango on top. I so wished I could have taken pictures of it! It was so pretty! But it was a late dinner, almost dark outside, and low restaurant lighting. Oh well!

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