Thursday Ten: Making it Work edition

1. Project Runway is back, something that I managed to forget about until about 9:25 – so I missed the first few minutes-ish. I am typing and soaking in some Tim Gunn. Love him. Yes, I took a touristy picture of Parsons when I was in NYC a few years ago.

2. Make it work. Not just a Tim Gunn saying, but not a bad life motto either. This week has been a roller coaster, and I’m really working to end it on a good note somehow. I have no idea how, but… I’ll try.

3. It finally rained today and temperatures broke and now at the end of the day, I’m in jeans and a hoodie and this is what weather should be ALL YEAR. I’m waiting for my lawn to stop feeling like needles.

4. I think I will aim a little lower for next week’s cooking project – and make salsa (thanks Mel!). And then pick up a bit more mint and give mojitos another go. I really love salsa. Give me a bowl of salsa and a spoon and I’m a happy camper. Do you have a favorite salsa?

5. So, who’s going to see Dark Knight Rises tomorrow?

6. Being a gymnastics mom can get a little rough. After mangling her shoulder last week, The Princess banged her shin this week while working on a stunt on the bars. Poor kiddo. That was a pretty ugly goose egg type bump on her leg.

7. Just over a week til Pumpkin turns seven. Actually having a birthday party for her this year – I hope the weather cools down enough to bake a cake.

8. I’m a little sleep deprived lately. I have been through a lot of stress in my life, but lately takes the cake. I’ve been working on this post off and on for over an hour and listening to the soundtrack from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and I’m getting sleepy. I’m hoping I can turn off my brain and sleep. Even just a little.

9. Black eyed susans are one of my favorite signs of summer. Aren’t they joyous?
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10. I got a lemon zester from my best friend the other day, because when life hands you lemons, you know… zest the hell out of them. Or something. It’s a pretty badass zester. I used it for my lemon pasta and NOW I WANT TO ZEST EVERYTHING.

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  1. I love my zester. I brought it to my parents house so I can make my citrus pound cake for them 😉

    LOVE YOU, friend!!!

    I adore salsa. I judge restaurants by their salsa and chips #forrealz


  2. Our youngest is doing Judo (and will be going to the Olympics to see the Judo). Touch wood, she hasn’t had any injuries *yet* – but she has tried to throw her Mum. In the middle of the kitchen. While cooking.

    • You will appreciate this – I’m testing a plug in. Can you let me know if one comes through telling you that your comment has a comment or something like that? 🙂

  3. I want a real zester. And I want to make homemade salsa but I’m intimidated by it! Maybe we should video chat in our kitchens next week and make salsa together!

    • Don’t be intimidated by salsa – it wasn’t that tough! I think I survived the experience relatively unscathed.

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