Thursday Ten: The Apple Didn’t Fall Far edition

1. While I sit at my desk working today, my daughters will be doing a bake sale in conjunction with a local ice cream shop to raise money for animal shelters. I didn’t suggest it – hell, I didn’t even encourage it (my kitchen? It was a disaster when I got home yesterday) – but together with a friend, they came up with the idea to do a bake sale, not unlike my sale to raise funds for the Avon Walk. And then they came up with the idea to talk to the ice cream shop owners. The owners not only agreed to let the girls do the bake sale outside the shop, but offered to advertise it on their website. I think that’s pretty cool.

2. While the girls are doing good things, they still drive me bonkers home in the summer. It’s hard to come home after work to a messy house. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is dishes in the sink (really – it’s awful. Can’t stand it. Truly truly hate it). I remember hitting this point last summer too, where I wanted to lock the cupboards and only leave out paper plates and plastic utensils for use during the day so that at the end of the day, my sink would be blissfully empty. I think I just like the planet too much to do that, though.

3. Meanwhile, musically, my iTunes account is being a gigantic ball of suck and I have now become BFFs with Kyla at iTunes support trying to resolve it. Every suggested fix is time consuming and so I have yet to try her latest suggestion – all I know is that I have a lot of new music that iTunes WILL. NOT. LET. ME. PLAY. Jerkfaces.

4. Stuff like several songs from The Best Coast. And some of the new Grace Potter (okay, I was sort of wrong – there are a few standout songs, but… still… Not my favorite album from them).

5. One of my latest rituals is going for a long workout on Sunday mornings. A great workout – walking, running or a combo of both (though let’s be real, when I “run” it’s very “slow” because I’m “out of shape”). The scenery is beautiful and it’s a decent enough distance to clear my head and make me happy.
298 | 365

6. It’s a good thing I’m getting great workouts on Sunday because the rest of the week? Not so much. Pffft. Summer makes things a little tougher.

7. Sunflowers make me smile.
you are my sunshine

8. Getting closer to the anniversary – or “puppiversary” of the day we first met our pup.Friday will mark two years since we first met him and waited to see which puppy would cross the grass to choose our family. That dog can be a big oven-mitt eating butthead, but he’s a good dog nonetheless.

9. June is almost over which means… summer is 1/3 over. Seeing as how this isn’t my favorite time of year, I’m kind of glad that it’s chugging along.

10. I want ice cream. That’s all.

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  1. You are seriously a spectacular photographer ! Love your shots!

  2. Two years? Wow!

    I always love your flower pics.

    I hate summer. Except for my birthday. But the rest of it? Bleh!

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