Thursday Ten: I love the smell of tacos in the morning edition

1. This morning when I arrived at work, I got out of my car and the parking garage smelled like…tacos? It’s not unusual for it to smell like food, but usually it’s a nasty scrambled eggs aroma that greets me when I arrive. But tacos? I’m down with that.

2. The kids have just another few days of school left – and I am left in disbelief that the school year flew by so fast. This has been my first year working outside of the home for their school year, and since shifting to full time just after the start of the new calendar year, I feel like it’s whizzed by. Soon I’ll have a second and fifth grader. It’s amazing, right? And fifth grade is the last stop before middle school. [Note: When I was in 6th grade, it was still elementary school. Middle school is a concept I was unfamiliar with until I moved to Michigan. How is it where you are?]

3. Today both my sister and my good friend return back to work after their maternity leave. I know they’re both having kind of a rough day and miss their baby girls. It’s tough. I remember returning to work after The Princess was born – pretty sure I cried the whole drive. And then most of the work day. I’m sure I was a lot of fun.

4. Yes, like the rest of the world I watched that viral video of that guy and his lip dub marriage proposal to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” – and then got the song stuck in my head for an extended period of time afterwards. Yesterday, my mom sent me the link, “This is SO cute.” I emailed back, “Can’t watch. Won’t watch. Don’t want it stuck in my head.” Her email today? “I CAN’T GET THAT SONG OUT OF MY HEAD.” Yep. Uh huh. I know. Toldja.

5. Festival of the Arts kicks off in Grand Rapids tomorrow and all I’ve been able to think of since is… elephant ears. It’s ridic because there’s so much to the Festival – even foodwise – but really? Fried dough covered in sugar, baby. That’s what I want.

6. This afternoon I ventured outside during lunch with my camera and a need for fresh air, to breathe and to channel some of my energy creatively. I can’t even describe how much happier I am with a camera in my hands, looking through the world in a way that feels comfortable to me, creating both a distance from and an intimacy with my surroundings, just by capturing a moment through the lens. It doesn’t solve anything, really, but for those brief moments I catch my breath.

7. My nails are getting too long. When I was playing guitar regularly, I kept them short out of necessity. I like them short. My thumbnails are like little daggers right now and I hate them. And, this seems an odd thing to complain about, but my nails are so strong those stupid thumbnails won’t break. I need to keep a nail file, clippers, in my bag. They are driving me crazy. Now that I’ve truly noticed them, I can’t stop noticing them.

8. The temperatures have dropped from this weekend’s brutal 90 degree days and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS. Back to spring weather, and I’m glad.

9. Now that summer is approaching, are you a “YAY! SUMMER!” kind of person or an “UGH. SUMMER. {retch}” kind of person?

10. This post needed a picture and I’m too lazy to see if I’ve used this picture before but it feels sunshiney and perky to me. Daisies just kind of are, aren’t they? They don’t try too hard. They don’t smell too bad. They kind of just happen. I’m a fan. Yay daisies.


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